A roundup of July’s Pitch Friday

The eighth of July, 2022 was the day when the Techpoint Africa Pitch Friday event for the month of July took place. As a result of the rains, traffic was backed up in several sections of Lagos, thus a lot of people were unable to come. To begin, though, at 5:30 in the evening, Tony Nwose presented a proposal for Niteon.

To the rest of the world, Africa

Niteon is an e-commerce platform that was proposed by Nwose, who is also the platform's co-founder and CEO. The site's primary mission is to market goods that are manufactured in Africa to customers all over the world.

tony nwose pitch friday 1024x682 0 1093Tony Nwose pitching Niteon

According to him, Niteon, which is still in the process of developing its initial iteration, makes it possible for African producers to sell their wares to consumers all over the world, provided that these goods adhere to certain criteria. Already, the company has collected more than $40,000 in income from over two hundred different retailers.

Responses to comments and suggestions

After giving his presentation, Nwose fielded questions from the audience, many of whom were interested in learning more about how Niteon manages the delivery of things that have been ordered through its platform. Nwose offered sufficient answers to the questions that many people had about why businesses with an already established clientele would choose Niteon. Many people also questioned why manufacturers would choose Niteon.

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The program came to a close around 6:30 p.m., giving attendees the opportunity to continue networking after the failure of the other entrepreneurs who were supposed to present. You can register to attend or present your startup or concept when Pitch Friday returns in August, and you can do either.