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Published: 2022-06-17

A strategic investment has been made by Adaverse, a Cardano ecosystem accelerator that was formed to support the growth of Web3 crypto-native enterprises in Africa. AfriBlocks is a pan-African freelancing marketplace that links verified African experts to the worldwide market. This investment is being made as a part of AfriBlocks' pre-seed funding round, which is comprised of high-profile investors from around the sector.

Adaverse was established in September 2021 as a joint venture between EMURGO Africa and Everest Ventures. Its mission is to find promising African founders who are developing Web 3 solutions on Cardano's third-generation and environmentally-sustainable blockchain and provide them with valuable support resources.

AfriBlocks: what exactly is it?

AfriBlocks is a marketplace for freelance services that provides African professionals with a technology infrastructure that enables them to link their remote services to a global market. This infrastructure is provided by AfriBlocks, the marketplace. Employers search through a network of verified digital experts on AfriBlocks to identify the individuals who can best meet their needs. These experts can remotely provide a wide variety of digital talents, including web design, web development, content creation, and digital marketing, amongst others. Using blockchain technology, AfriBlocks will build a payment bridge that will allow for the seamless and speedy settlement of offshore transactions between the best talent in Africa and the rest of the globe. This will be the company's primary service.

AfriBlocks' primary objective is to accelerate the growth of the Pan-African freelance service industry through the development of an escrow platform that matches service requirements with the service providers who are the best fit for those requirements in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost. This escrow service is improved with the addition of a project management team, which guarantees the superior delivery of service to the employer's complete satisfaction. Africans are brought to the forefront and connected to worldwide chances through the freelancing community-building programs offered by Afriblock. These opportunities will meet the rising demand for workers in the rapidly advancing Web 3 world.

Why do you use AfriBlocks?

AfriBlocks is currently in the process of constructing a solid infrastructure that makes use of blockchain technology in order to offer Africans and people of African descent direct employment opportunities all over the world.

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Tongayi Choto and Roger Roman are the founders of the cryptocurrency known as AfriBlocks.

"AfriBlocks is reimagining the way people work by leveraging Blockchain and emerging technologies to build the infrastructure for the future of work in Africa," said Tongayi Choto, Co-founder and CEO of AfriBlocks. "The support we will be receiving from Adaverse will help us achieve these milestones faster," Choto added.

Over sixty percent of Africa's population is under the age of 25, making it the continent with the youngest population in the world. However, unemployment rates among the region's educated youth are extremely high. AfriBlocks is shining a light on young people in Africa who are motivated and entrepreneurial in order to boost economic prospects. This is made possible by advances in technology and an ever-changing digital world.

" AfriBlocks is now working on constructing one of Africa's most important pillars for the future of work, which is in line with the purpose of EMURGO Africa, which is to provide support for fundamental structures for the developing digital economy across Africa. According to Shogo Ishida, co-CEO for the Middle East & Africa at EMURGO Africa, "rapid economic development in Africa will be expedited when diasporan restrictions are broken through, and this is doable on Cardano's blockchain."

On well-established traditional freelance platforms, the African professional freelancing industry has been mostly disregarded and underestimated. AfriBlocks delivers precisely what is required in Africa by combining a verifiable database of the continent's most gifted individuals with a decentralized, yet streamlined, payment processing system. Vincent Li, a founding partner of Adaverse, expressed his excitement at the company's decision to assist AfriBlocks during this crucial stage of its development.

Regarding Adaverse

Adaverse is an ecosystem accelerator for the Cardano project that offers strategic tools to help impact-driven cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in Africa flourish. Adaverse helps companies accelerate the process of establishing and scaling sustainable web 3 businesses on the continent by providing one-on-one mentoring and support for Cardano development. The number of socially impactful technology firms that have joined with Adaverse since the company's founding in 2021 continues to expand with the addition of AfriBlocks.

Please add your name to the waitlist here if you would like early access to the platform launch. Please upload your pitch deck here if you would want to apply for financing through Adaverse.