Agritech start-up launches new digital farmers’ market in Zambia; Plans expansion to 5 countries and network of container farms

The goal of HRVST is to eliminate the need for middlemen by putting consumers and restaurants in direct contact with local farmers. This will result in an increased availability of fresh produce while also expanding the market for local farmers.

Aiponics, a leading AgriTech startup, recently made the announcement that it has launched Hrvst, a digital farmers' market that is designed to make it easier for consumers and restaurants to obtain locally grown produce. The platform has been launched in Zambia and already has seventy-nine restaurant partners across Lusaka in addition to hundreds of early-access users registered. These users are all being serviced by more than twenty farmers, both small and large.

Through the use of the Hrvst platform, farmers are able to list their produce and sell it directly to end-users as well as restaurants, which makes the transaction simpler and more cost-effective for both parties. The platform already has an impressive set of features that are customized to provide support for each end user and enable them to make the most of the platform's power.

The Vendor app features an integrated point-of-sale that enables cashless transactions to be completed through the use of mobile money and credit card payments, as well as performance analytics, order management, and fleet management.

The Driver's App: Validate completed deliveries, view orders that have been assigned to you, and optimize your route The Customer app allows users to schedule future orders, explore the nutritional benefits of foods that are listed, and place orders for fresh food from an impressive array of local vendors to be delivered or picked up at designated locations.

The Aiponics team intends to continue expanding the already robust set of features that are available on Hrvst. One of these plans involves integrating third-party delivery providers in order to increase the delivery capacity available to small-scale farmers who may have trouble with fulfillment.

Establishing a distributed system of container farms

Aiponics is developing a container-based aquaponic farm franchise model in addition to their participation in the Hrvst marketplace. In order to build up additional local capacity and give more people the ability to lift themselves out of poverty, the team intends to provide training in aquaponics to local marketeers as well as young farmers. Established by

Christopher Chileshe, the founder and CEO of Aiponics, has a vision of deploying a network of container farms in Africa. These farms will significantly cut the distance from the farm to the table, while also providing African communities with high-quality fresh produce, crop diversity, and food security. The Hrvst marketplace will function as a source of demand for produce grown in shipping containers by connecting directly to local communities through the use of an app integration that will list the shipping container as a vendor. The team makes light of the situation by referring to this model as the "vegetable vending machine."

This vision is outlined by Chris as follows:

There has never been a better time to bring innovation and technology into an area that is in desperate need of it than now, considering the fact that many parts of Africa are currently experiencing a food crisis and the inherent risk of relying on other nations for food security. We are concentrating our efforts on developing hyper-local capacities for food security while also working to improve the quality and variety of the food that is made available to every person on the continent.

Aiponics is pleased to announce that Curtis Madden has joined the company in the role of CEO to assist in the execution of this vision. Curtis's extensive business background includes not only investments but also real estate and the distribution of food service products. He is of the opinion that Zambia and indeed all of Africa must come up with their very own African-centered solutions to the problems that it is currently facing. He would like to do what he can to help unravel these complexities by designing solutions that are sustainable, available to the general public, and within their financial means, all while utilizing the skills and knowledge of those in the local community.

" I couldn't possibly be more excited to be joining a team that is so mission-driven and has such an expansive vision. "We're reshaping an entire ecosystem by vertically aligning the entire supply chain and injecting technology at every step of the way to bring about social good that will be sustainable long after we're gone," says Curtis. "This will bring about social good that will be sustainable even after we're gone."

The aggressive growth plans of Aiponics, which include expanding the Hrvst marketplace into five additional African countries within the next two years and launching the first container farm franchise in Lusaka, Zambia, will be led by Curtis, who will be responsible for leading Aiponics.

The Hrvst official launch event will take place on July 9 in Lusaka, which is located in Zambia. Visit HrvstMarketDay for more details on how to register to attend the event.

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