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Published: 2022-06-17

Announced a relationship with Chelsea Football Club to become its Official Sleeve Partner. Beginning with the 2022–2023 season, the WhaleFin logo will be featured prominently on the uniforms of both the men's and women's teams at Chelsea Football Club.

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Participated in the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST) alliance in order to be in compliance with the Travel Rule while while preserving the customers' privacy and security.

Participated in a beach cleanup at Singapore's East Coast Park alongside our environmental partners Zero Waste SG and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

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The Creation of Products and Establishment of Partnerships

Integrated Chainlink will assist in providing consumers with asset transaction pricing services that are both more safe and dependable.

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In recent reports:

Amber Group has partnered with Chelsea FC as the official sleeve sponsor, according to Coinquora.

Amber Group has announced an official sponsorship partnership with Chelsea Football Club, according to Yahoo Finance.

Amber Group has announced that they will be launching Openverse in the third quarter of 2022. Openverse will serve as a gateway into the metaverse.

Bitcoinist: Amber Group Partners With Chainlink To Make Asset Transaction Pricing More Reliable

Amber Group Integrates Chainlink to Assist Customers in Unlocking Greater Value Within the Blockchain Economy, According to Benzinga.

Reuters reports that the broken dollar peg on the stablecoin Terra is affecting wider crypto markets.

The Macquarie website features an article titled "Soft Power in the Metaverse."

Medium: An Explanation of the Reentrancy Loophole in the Position Exchange

Medium: Roadmaps.

Activities and Public Appearances in the Media

Michael Wu, the CEO of the company, attended the Macquarie Australia Conference to present his thoughts on Web3 and the metaverse.


Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner, participated in a webinar held by CMU T&E to discuss the best practices for constructing Web3 startups.

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Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner, participated in a panel discussion that was sponsored by CoinDesk to address prospects present in a variety of market configurations.

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At the Singapore Institutional Digital Asset Summit, Partner Delroy Fong participated in a panel discussion on the topic of digital asset derivatives.

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At the London Alternative Investment Market Summit, Europe Managing Director Sophia Shluger participated in a panel discussion to examine how institutions are expanding beyond Bitcoin and adopting the digital asset class as a whole.

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Sophia Shluger, who is the Europe Managing Director, participated in a YouTube live session hosted by BTS Labs in order to learn more about Ethereum 2.0, the DeFi Movement, Cross-chain Bridges, and DAO.

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Oksana Grinchak, Europe Managing Director, participated in a webinar sponsored by Macro Hive to discuss the current state of the market and what lies ahead for cryptocurrencies.

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Francesco Adiliberti, Managing Director of Europe, participated in a panel discussion on the IT ecosystem in Switzerland that was held by Dukascopy Bank to provide his perspective on the Swiss market.

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The Senior BD Director for Continental Europe, Stefan Becker, was interviewed at a Fireside chat session at the Blockchain Fest 2022, which was sponsored by the company. The event took place in Cyprus.

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Participated in the Tokyo event that took place during the NexTech Expo Week and presented WhaleFin, Blue Whale Club, and Openverse to the attendees of the expo.

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