Baden Bower joins the ranks of the World’s Top 10 PR Agencies in 2022. 

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Published: 2022-06-15
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Publicity and communications agencies have experienced phenomenal growth in size and scope over the course of about the past decade. These agencies assist brands and companies in the development of narratives that result in sales. To determine which public relations (PR) firms are the best, analysts and researchers have examined the firms' results, trends, and outliers to determine which ones come out on top. This step is taken as part of the process by which businesses hire publicists.

Since 2019, revenue at the top 10 public relations agencies has skyrocketed. Each of Baden Bower, Edelman, Brunswick, and FleishmanHillard reported double-digit yearly growth, with the first example's customer base tripling during the course of the first example's reporting period.

The combined income of the top 10 public relations firms in the world is $5.4 billion US dollars. This staggering number has seen a rise of 4.9 percent when compared to the previous year's total.

Do businesses really need to work with the best public relations firms?

In spite of the fact that their total revenues are astronomical, the service that they provide is actually pretty straightforward. However, a campaign that is carried out effectively can make all the difference in whether or not a brand is included into the lexicon or falls behind.

As a result of clients becoming more concerned of their financial situations as a result of the pandemic, a new kind of publicist has evolved. They provide a guarantee of outcomes as well as the rapid dissemination of news pieces without the need to contact journalists. Immediate trust and credibility, links back to your website or social media, and the potential to use the publicity to drive more purchases are the benefits that come along with this.

A fresh approach to public relations.

During the pandemic, Baden Bower shifted away from a retainer model and began pitching journalists for placements, which contributed to his rise to prominence. The public relations organization that serves clients all over the world, such as in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Ukraine, and Malaysia, amongst other places, simply turns a profit off of their capacity to get news items, for which they promise publication. Because of this, the company has been able to increase its annual sales by 83% over the past few years.

The capacity of this public relations firm to bypass the "pitching" stage and go straight to securing the news item that the customer wants is the primary factor that sets it apart from the other nine PR firms on this list.

The proprietary placement system that Baden Bower uses to acquire publicity entails searching the entire world for publications that will grant permission to the company (on the condition that they adhere to editorial guidelines) to publish stories about companies and brands that cast a favorable light on those entities. They represent both well-established businesses and a variety of Web 3.0 projects operating in the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token spaces.

By assisting in the acquisition of editorial coverage on global news websites, the publicist has assisted hundreds of clients in doubling or tripling their on-site conversion rate to lead or sale. This, in turn, can be utilized by businesses to develop trust and credibility in their products and services.

These companies take great care to conform to consumer law, but instead they highlight the benefits of their customers in a way that conventional public relations agencies are unable to do on their own. However, if they continue to disregard the rapid growth in this area, they run the risk of losing their incumbency status to those who are seen to be "up and comers." Many traditional publicists consider this to be a type of dishonesty.

What do the analysts have to say?

It remains to be seen whether the stalwarts will change to this model of guaranteed publicity, but analysts are certainly asking the question of whether or not companies like Baden Bower will take the fight to FleishmanHillard and other global behemoths that generate hundreds of millions of dollars in topline revenue. It is unclear whether or not this will turn into a fight like the one in casino royale.

Jennyfer Ann Valencia was the author.