Bumpa Partners With Google To Empower SMBs Across Africa With the Google Hustle Academy Program.

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Published: 2022-06-13

An initiative that aims to empower Africa's small and medium businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa has received support from the world's leading e-commerce platform startup, Bumpa. Bumpa makes business administration simpler for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Google Hustle Academy is an initiative that aims to provide micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the African countries of Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa with access to specialized training in the areas of business strategy and development, digital marketing, and financial planning. The participants will also receive access to major industry leaders and master seminars on business, all of which are designed to help develop opportunities, enhance business growth, and create new jobs across the region.

In 2021, Bumpa launched its mobile app with the intention of assisting company owners in the creation of e-commerce websites that were compatible with Facebook pixel and Google Analytics and could be used to sell things. Additionally, the software assists proprietors in the recording of sales, the receiving of payments, the creation of invoices and receipts, the receipt of company reports, and the sending of SMS and emails to consumers.

Since the debut of its app, the company has been successful in luring thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use it by incorporating features that are pertinent to business operations and working in partnership with other organizations to deliver value to entrepreneurs in Africa.

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Kelvin Umechukwu, CEO of Bumpa, remarked about why the company is enthusiastic about strategic alliances for business owners such as this one:

" Providing business owners with e-commerce websites that can be combined with tools such as Google Analytics for ads and a great deal more is one of the most important services that Bumpa has to offer.

Our customers and other people who operate businesses in Africa will benefit tremendously from our partnership with Google, which will result in more in-depth training on products that might help them build their companies.

In 2018, Google chose 26 African startups out of thousands of applicants for the Google Black Founders Fund program. Bumpa was one of those 26 African firms.

We are overjoyed to be working with Bumpa to provide support to MSMEs, which is something that is desperately needed. The majority of firms in virtually every area of the world are considered to be small and medium-sized businesses, also known as SMEs. These organizations are essential to the functioning of the global economy. They are responsible for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Sub-Saharan Africa and employ more than 50 million people there. They will receive training from us through the Hustle Academy that will aid them in packaging their enterprises and obtaining the required finances to take it to the next level. Mojolaoluwa Aderemi-Makinde, Head of Brand and Reputation at Google SSA, made this statement.

Ayodele Ogunkunle, the Marketing Lead at Bumpa, was questioned about the goals that the company aims to accomplish with the Bootcamp, and he responded as follows:

"By making the nuggets on digital marketing and business growth accessible to more SMEs, it is our hope that business owners on our platform and beyond would be able to expand their company beyond their immediate geographic area," says our mission statement.

The Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp is a free training program that lasts for one week and has live training sessions that are conducted online. Businesses who have been operating for longer than a year, have formulated a business plan and outlined their product or service offering, and have the intention of expanding their operations are eligible to participate in the program. They are also required to have produced a profit in the preceding year's worth of operations, or they must be within one to three months of breaking even.

Those who are interested in applying for the Google Hustle Academy Business Bootcamp can do so through the website g.co/hustleacademy, which also contains information regarding the program.