Call for Applications: Decentralized UMOJA ALGORAND Bounty Hack III

A call for applications has been issued for the third iteration of the Decentralized Umoja Algorand Bounty Hack by the Algorand Foundation and Reach in collaboration with the Africa Blockchain Alliance. This comes as a direct result of the achievements of the Decentralized Umoja Algorand Bounty Hacks 1 and 2. In keeping with the Africa Blockchain Alliance's pledge to promote blockchain education on the African continent, the Alliance collaborated with the Algorand Foundation and Reach to organize this agile and fast-paced program for African web developers who are interested in getting into blockchain development. The program is intended to help web developers transition into blockchain development.

The program will take the form of an online Bounty Hack Series, which is a guided hackathon in which participants (teams and individuals) learn to build blockchain apps (Dapps) and then complete projects from a pre-approved list over the course of six weeks. The program will be hosted online.

Each group will be given a guide or mentor who will assist them in reaching their goals and realizing their full potential through close collaboration with the group. At the conclusion of the hack, the developed dapps are shown to the participants, who then vote on the best of the bunch. The first-, second-, and third-place teams will each receive a prize. However, that is not the end of the exploit. Every team that takes part and finishes their assigned project will receive prizes worth at least $1,000 simply for taking part in the competition.

The information regarding the prizes and the incentives can be found below.

  • 1st prize $3,000; 2nd prize: $2,000 and 3rd prize: $1,000
  • $1,000 to each of the other teams that participated for successfully completing the project
  • Award for Community Choice worth $1,000
  • The writing of an article describing your project will earn you $250.
  • $300 for participating in a call following the hackathon and describing your project to the project team
  • The cost to convert your project into a Reach workshop is $500 (with a pull request), while the cost to convert your project into a Reach tutorial is $750. (with a pull request)
  • In addition to the prizes, participants will continue to receive support from the hackathon's organizers after the event has concluded. This support can be used by participants to further develop their projects or to develop a career in the blockchain industry.

    Who may Submit an Application?

    Everyone who is interested in developing software is welcome to participate in the hackathon, regardless of their level of experience. The most important thing is a dedication to finishing both the tutorial and the project. The appearance of the tutorial is as shown here.

    Instructions on How to Apply

    If you're a developer and you're interested in taking part, you can apply right now by following the link below:

    Apply right here.

    The submission period will end on July 15th, 2022.

    The beginning date of the program will be July 19, 2022, and it will end on September 15, 2022. On this, the official landing page for the Bounty Hack, you can find a detailed schedule as well as additional information about the event.

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