Cardtonic Is Giving Away 15 Macbooks to 15 Tech Enthusiasts.

Cardtonic is giving away 15 Macbooks to 15 people in Nigeria who have shown a significant interest in technology. This is part of an effort to increase awareness of technology in the country.

Cardtonic, a company that relies heavily on technological advancements, recognizes the importance of showcasing those advancements and motivating tech enthusiasts to pursue careers in the field by providing them with access to various tools, such as a MacBook.

Instructions on How to Apply

Up until the 15th of August, applicants who have experience or an interest in the following areas are encouraged to submit their applications:

Coding: Mobile development, frontend development, and backend development.

Product design, graphic design, and technical writing are examples of non-coding specializations.

The applicants must be Nigerians who are under the age of 30 and have a demonstrated interest in the field in which they are applying.


Following the announcement of the applicant pool that has been narrowed down to a select few on or before the 15th of September, those individuals will be extended an invitation to complete a brief evaluation.

Those who come out on top may be extended an offer to become full-time members of the expanding Cardtonic tech team, if they so choose. It's possible that the scheme will be carried out on an annual basis if it proves to be successful.

Please visit or send an email to if you are interested in receiving additional information.

You can access the image at this link: mqqgzvFWC igPrHDAppvqLgmhoEdTYXgy8rRpExlxcvDRIbqEkie9aGXDd1iqidtza9


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