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Published: 2022-06-15
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Within the CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region, CarePay Nigeria is one of five new businesses to participate in the Visa everywhere effort. Around a thousand applications came in from all over the CEMEA region, which consists of approximately one hundred different nations. The five finalists were chosen from those applications, and the innovative health tech startup is one of them. On Friday, June 17, 2022, TechCrunch will broadcast a webcast of the CEMEA regional finals event that will take place that year.

At the live event, CarePay will demonstrate its cutting-edge CarePay healthcare merchant offers program, which will feature the CarePay healthcare discount card product. This demonstration will be a part of the events that will take place. The health technology startup will demonstrate how negotiating, aggregating, and coordinating discounts across hundreds of healthcare merchants can drive customer retention and brand retention for financial technology companies, credit card networks, banks, telecommunications companies, and pension funds that adopt the CarePay healthcare discount product as loyalty benefits for their customers.

" I couldn't be happier that the CarePay healthcare merchant offers program, which includes the CarePay healthcare discount card product, is garnering substantial recognition and exposure on a global scale in just its first 90 days after going online. CarePay's shortlisting as one of five finalists in the Visa CEMEA everywhere program is a clear testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovation displayed by our employees in Lagos, Amsterdam, and Nairobi. Yomi Sule, Managing Director at CarePay Nigeria, made this statement.

" I am especially thankful to the healthcare merchants that gave up discounts on their usual pricing in order to support this proposition, as well as the retail early adopters who have signed up via the website. I am also grateful to the fintech companies that are working with us to make this product accessible to millions of their customers as a loyalty benefit and as a tool/feature to drive increased affordability of healthcare services for their customers. This collaboration is making it possible for us to make this product available. Above all else, we are grateful to Visa for the openness and efficiency with which it conducted the preceding stages of the competition. We are looking forward to the event as well as our future partnerships with Visa and our customers. He added

The Visa Everywhere Initiative is an open innovation program that assists emerging businesses in recognizing and capitalizing on new prospects for growth and collaboration. In addition to this, it gives young businesses the opportunity to showcase their innovative approaches on a global stage. In 2015, the program was initially introduced in the United States, and it rapidly spread to other countries across the world. Up to this point, 8,500 different businesses in the startup phase have taken part, and they have jointly brought in more than $16 billion in capital. At the global finals event that will take place in Qatar in November 2022, the winner of the CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa) regional competition will join the winners of the other regional competitions from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America to compete for the global prize.

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Concerning Carepay

Carepay is an aggregator of healthcare services for individuals and households, both with and without health insurance, and it features more than 300 different health care providers on its website. We want to make sure that everyone has access to medical care. CarePay is an organization that has its headquarters in the Netherlands as well as activities in Nigeria and Kenya. Its mission is to ensure that people in all parts of the world have access to affordable medical treatment.


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