Communication experts from Paystack, M-KOPA, and others discuss the importance of communication between businesses, customers, and regulators at the Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference

At the Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference, communication experts from top African companies, such as Paystack, M-KOPA, TeamApt, and Bankly, provided a perfect example of the importance of effective communication between companies, customers, and regulators. Paystack, M-KOPA, TeamApt, and Bankly were some of the companies that participated.

Termii, a communications technology business that assists organizations in more efficiently communicating with their clients, was the one that organized and sponsored the conference. The purpose of the event was to provide individuals and new businesses with assistance in comprehending the significance of efficient communication in the process of enhancing brand loyalty, increasing branding, and driving sales and retention.

Termii presently offers its messaging channel services to over 6,259 organizations in Africa, some of which are Piggyvest, Paystack, Teamapt, Chippercash, and Bamboo. These businesses use these services to check and validate consumer transactions.

ooj 120 1 853x682 0 1148Atinuke Idowu, Co-founder and COO, Termii

Atinuke Idowu, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Termii, delivered the keynote talk at the beginning of the event. She went about the significance of communication for businesses and the reasons why they need to ensure that their communication tools are of the highest quality.

Oluwanifemi Kolawole, a Senior Reporter at Techpoint Africa, served as the moderator for the subsequent panel discussion, which was titled "Communication Model that Leads to Customer Conversion."

 2 1148The Panellists – (L-R – Tobi Amira, COO, TeamApt; Babajide Duroshola, General Manager, M-KOPA; Kika Osiagwu, Sales Associate (Startups), Paystack; Toni Dada, CEO/Founder, Enterscale; Fredrick Adams, Co-founder, and CPO, Bankly)

The members of the panel were as follows: Babajide Duroshola, General Manager of M-KOPA; Kika Osiagwu, Sales Associate of Paystack; Tobi Amira, Chief Operating Officer of TeamApt; Fredrick Adams, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Bankly; and Toni Dada, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Enterscale.

Babajide Duroshola began the conversation by describing how he conveys the significance of firms like SafeBoda and M-KOPA, which he has headed in the past, to markets outside than the East African market, which is where these companies were initially established.

Kika Osiagwu made the observation that the first step toward effective communication is gaining an understanding of the target demographic. She mentioned that they have to be able to connect with the stories and circumstances that you share with them.

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There are "some stories that do not relate to the African experience," despite the fact that some Africans have adopted Western communication practices.

Osiagwu also discussed the significance of communication within the financial technology industry, particularly in light of recent regulatory shifts.

She illustrated her point with a situation in which Paystack was required to alter the way in which they handled settlements. She emphasized that the tone of communication should not be derogatory toward the regulator. Instead, the consumer should be informed about the circumstance, and they should be made aware that you are aware of how the changes will effect them.

We are aware that this modification may not be satisfactory for you because it represents a significant departure from the norm; but, we want you to know that we are committed to finding a solution that is suitable for your needs.

Tobi Amira also discussed the significance of communication in the agency banking business in her presentation. He emphasized that the success of the sector is dependent on trust, which can only be built through gaining a knowledge of the challenges faced by clients. It is imperative for companies to collect feedback from customers so they can better understand their needs.

The panelists also brought up the fact that Termii is able to provide communication technology that is suitable for the manner in which the majority of African customers choose to communicate with their preferred businesses.

According to Fredrick Adams, Termii has enabled them to directly engage clients using SMS, which has shown to be more effective in that market than emails and other communication channels.

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The technology developed by Termii also offers insights that can be put into action regarding any communication channel of your choice, which helps demonstrate how effective the channel is.

Much while having an effective communication channel is absolutely necessary, it is even more important to deliver the appropriate message to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

This point was emphasized by Duroshola while he was speaking about the introduction of SafeBoda in Oyo State, Nigeria, at a time when Lagos was a more major and noticeable market to launch in. Even though many people questioned the choice, he felt that remaining silent was the appropriate response at that time because he lacked all of the relevant facts.

It is essential to have the understanding that a powerful message can be made by saying nothing at all. If you are unable to convey all of the relevant data, it is best that you say nothing at all.

He went on to say that the regulatory climate at the time was unstable, and that maintaining silence was absolutely necessary at various points.

" When you are communicating with clients about changes that have occurred as a result of regulation, what you say, how you say it, and your ability to deliver the facts are all quite important.

A successful business will, in addition to having first-rate communication application programming interfaces (APIs) such as Termii and effective communication strategies, have important departments that are responsible for ensuring that both the APIs and the strategies operate as intended.

" The first is providing help to customers. "When you have a product, the first thing you want to accomplish is customer service and operations," in the opinion of Duroshola.

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According to him, the majority of businesses make the error of establishing their marketing departments first, but when customers are acquired through marketing, there are no departments to handle them.

Toni Dada provided further evidence of this by stating that the majority of companies ought to initially concentrate on organic development.

Termii was also able to create a memorable demo session for the Conference, which began with Temi Giwa, Senior Product Manager at Paystack. Ms. Giwa took the audience through the process by which Paystack is developing modern online and offline payment systems for Africa with the assistance of Termii. While Emmanuel Gbolade, CEO and Co-founder of Termii, and Ayomide Awe, CTO and Co-founder of Termii, presented a succinct summary of the company's milestones as well as a glance at what its users might expect in the next coming months:

He presented a brief demonstration on a number of different dashboards, including The Campaign Dashboard, Webhook Dashboard, and Telco Connectivity Monitor (TCM), to name a few.

Additionally, Ayomide Awe has announced the installation of two additional integrations: Zapier and Quabbly.

 6 1148Ifedolapo Festus, Head, Global Business and Partnerships, Termii 

Following the conclusion of the conference, Ogheneruemu Oneyibo, Senior Reporter at Techpoint Africa, and Ifedolapo Festus, Head, Global Business and Partnerships at Termii, participated in a fireside discussion.

Festus emphasized the significance of communication for early-stage entrepreneurs and reaffirmed Termii's dedication to assisting businesses in improving their communication and supporting growth and development within the technology ecosystem.

Termii CEO Emmanuel Gbolade stated during an interview with Techpoint Africa that the company established the Conference with the intention of assisting several businesses in recognizing the significance of communication. He has experience working with over 6,000 different firms, and he claims that communication is the foundation of most enterprises.

He stated that Termii has been conducting its business in a stealthy manner ever since it was founded. However, the business has now come to the conclusion that it is just as important to foster productive talks about the significance of communication as it is to develop outstanding communication solutions.