Darey.IO Joins Achievers University during their just concluded Student Week Exercise to create Awareness on the Application of Modern Technology

The 13th of July, 2022, on a Wednesday: To celebrate students' week at Achievers University Owo, Ondo State, Darey.io and the Student Union Association of Achievers University (AUSA) put on a Public Lecture featuring Tech and Debate. The event was organized by Darey.io. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness about the impact that the use of modern technology has had on a global scale.

The topic of the debate was "Is Technology and Artificial Intelligence Taking Away Our Jobs or Establishing More Jobs?" The focus of the discussion was on the development of artificial intelligence, which led to the formulation of this question.

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The debate featured five students, one from each of the school's five Faculties. The students presented their ideas and viewpoints in an orderly fashion, explaining that artificial intelligence has emerged to become the future of jobs. This invited the students to explore ideas by exchanging facts that were intriguing and captivating. Three students emerged victorious from a total of four rounds of intensely competitive competition. Peterson Joshua Kalio, a student at the College of Engineering and Technology, was declared the winner and received one million Naira in addition to a scholarship worth three thousand pounds and five hundred dollars' worth of AWS Credit. Olatunde Temidayo Olamide, a student at the College of Law, was declared the first runner-up and received five hundred thousand Naira in addition to a scholarship worth one thousand five hundred pounds and three hundred dollars' worth of AWS Credit. Both of these prizes were Akinrinoluwa Best, a student in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, came in second place and won a scholarship that is worth one thousand pounds and one hundred dollars' worth of Amazon Web Services credit.

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Over two thousand students, as well as members of the administrative staff, were present at this lively event, which took place in the Trinity Auditorium (T-Hall) and was attended by the school's top administration. The Pro-Chancellor, Honorable Dr. Bode Ayorinde, presided over the event. He was joined by the Vice Chancellor, Professor S. O. Aje, the Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Taiwo Adenegan, the Registrar, Rev. Canon S. B. Oladimeji, and other important school dignitaries. During his address, the Pro-Chancellor voiced his support for the initiative and emphasized the significance of educating students on how to make better use of technology, arguing that this will result in higher-quality graduates overall. Dare Olufunmilayo, the Founder and CEO of Darey.io, was present to encourage and admonish the students to thoroughly adopt modern technology while utilizing the Darey.io platform to learn DevOps and gain real-world experience that will prepare them to work globally. He did this while also cheering them on.

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The event represented a significant achievement for Darey.io and was a smashing success overall. On this day, we are pleased to be able to say that students have been given the opportunity to learn about the significance of embracing modern technology and actively participating in their academics as well as the activities that are offered at their school. Darey.io has its sights set on the future, and part of that vision includes enhancing the educational opportunities available to students at one university at a time.