Doktorconnect Partners with Carbon To Bring Buy Now, Pay Later to Healthcare Services

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Published: 2022-06-16
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Doktorconnect is a health technology firm with the goal of lowering the cost of providing Nigerians with telemedicine services and making it easier for them to undergo routine preventative health screenings. The organization is now able to provide Buy Now, Pay Later services thanks to a partnership with Carbon. Because of this relationship, consumers are able to obtain the treatment they require without having to be concerned about the size of their wallets.

Ischemic heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death in Nigeria, and both of these conditions are chronic diseases that can be effectively controlled if they are diagnosed at an earlier stage. Regrettably, for the vast majority of Nigerians, early detection is a luxury that is contingent on their financial situation. This has had a role in the growth in the number of instances of stroke, kidney failure, and heart attacks that have occurred among Nigerians. But because to this new relationship, things are about to take a turn for the better.

"This cooperation is about saving lives," said Adewale Osideinde, who is the Country Manager for Doktorconnect. Nobody ought to have to go through suffering or perhaps death just due to the amount of money that is in their bank account. We want Nigerians to reap the benefits of preventive healthcare and live much longer so that they can realize their ambitions and be there for the people they care about.

This forward-thinking cooperation acknowledges the value of credit in extending access to healthcare services for a greater number of Nigerians. One thing is very clear: regardless of one's position on the socioeconomic ladder, the chance to gain access to high-quality medical care by means of credit facilities that charge no interest is a phenomenal opportunity that should be seized with both hands.

We are well aware that the Nigerian market is quite familiar with and receptive to the Buy Now Pay Later concept, so we believe that this should appeal to a wider audience than we already have. " "We believe that this should appeal to a broader audience than we now have. We have high hopes that we would be able to assist Nigerians in gaining access to the extensive medical services provided by Doktorconnect's - Carbon.

Carbon Zero is a BNPL platform that enables clients to take use of products while simultaneously making payments for those things over time. Since its introduction in 2021, the platform has witnessed an extraordinary growth in the number of users.

Doktorconnect provides Nigerians with access to a thorough wellness check that examines more than 80 health parameters encompassing the Liver, Kidney, Heart, and other organs, as well as tests that are not offered anywhere else in the country. In addition, consumers have access to medical doctors around the clock through the Doktorconnect app, which can be downloaded from the App or Play store.

Click this link to discover more about the preventative healthcare plans offered by Doktorconnect, and click this link to purchase a plan through Carbon Zero right away.