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Published: 2022-06-13

FundBae, Nigeria's platform for savings and investments that is expanding at the quickest rate, has just passed a significant new milestone: 50,000 Users. Through its value offerings—savings, investments, and payment—FundBae is assisting regular Nigerians in the process of accumulating money and maintaining it. Because of its adaptability and efficacy in assisting Users in establishing and maintaining a savings habit, its popularity among Nigerians is constantly expanding. Even more incredible is the fact that since its beginning, FundBae has paid out a staggering N14,000,000 in interest, has processed over N2B in volume of transactions, and has about 40,000 transaction counts.

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User happiness has always been FundBae's top priority, and this commitment is reflected in the company's choice for user-centered product development. The team got right to work at the beginning of 2022, focusing on enhancing the functionality of the product as well as the service delivery in order to make onboarding less complicated and the user experience more expedient. The answer was drafted, and work on developing one of the most versatile apps that can keep up with the changing lifestyles of our consumers got underway. After a number of weeks of labor that was challenging but ultimately satisfying, the team is pleased to introduce our most recent version, FundBae 2.5.

The long-awaited improved version, which goes by the name "Fundbae Version 2.5," epitomizes what it means to enjoy complete financial flexibility online. It is easier to navigate and addresses the issues that have been raised by clients. During a recent interview, Fundbae's Chief Technology Officer, Segun Ojo, offered his thoughts on the upcoming release of a new version of the software. He said, "This upgraded version is one that I am thrilled about because of the increased capabilities." Customers can now take advantage of our streamlined navigation, easily configure their tiering level, and carry out a great many more tasks thanks to our enhanced UI and UX. The fact that Fundbae is able to satisfy a genuine requirement in the lives of its clients contributes to the positive emotions associated with this latest release. The trip up to this point has been quite a challenge, but we are eager for what lies ahead,' he said.

Interbank transfers to other parties can be completed in a flash using FundBae version 2.5. It accommodates figuratively and literally everyone! You will not incur any fees when transferring money to other FundBae users if you keep your money in FundBae. Customers can also pay recurring invoices in a rapid and secure manner, without having to deal with any additional inconvenience.

The onboarding process has been streamlined, simplified, and accelerated in this updated edition. This was done in order to remove any obstacles that may have been in the way of prospective clients using the platform in order to take advantage of its wonderful benefits. Customers now have the ability to upgrade their savings level as well as their tier using the mobile app, which gives them the ability to accomplish much more.

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The user interface and user experience of the app were designed with a lot of attention to detail in order to make it as user-friendly and aesthetically pleasant as possible. In this improved edition, one important new feature to look out for is the dashboard. People who wish to make some additional money by recommending their friends and family members to the app now have referral links that are simpler to use as a result of the most recent upgrade to the program. Simply put, there is something that will appeal to everyone!

The objective will always be to modify the product in such a way that it caters to the way of life and specific requirements of the target market at any given time, despite the fact that the requirement to innovate and re-invent will be an ongoing process with this incredible savings and investment app.

In addition, FundBae employs stringent system security measures to protect itself from malicious actors, thereby ensuring the safety and security of all transactions. Customers always have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their money is safe.

FundBae is hard at work cultivating a network of individuals who are expanding their wealth while also engaging in productive employment or entrepreneurial endeavors. Over 50,000 people in Nigeria are currently entrusting their savings and investment opportunities to FundBae. People in Nigeria are becoming more aware of a platform that provides the most effective ways for them to handle their financial resources and protect themselves from the country's rapidly escalating rate of inflation.

Aside from the technological aspect of FundBae, what is more surreal is the lives this app is transforming. It is giving ordinary people the power to hit their set saving goals with a feature like FlexBae, without the fear of losing their money like the common kolo stories we have heard in recent times. This app is transforming lives in a way that is more surreal than the technological aspect of FundBae. Additionally, FundBae has assisted individuals in realizing their goals by providing them with a strict target savings strategy known as Vault. Students and other individuals have been given an easier time saving money and working toward their goals as a result of this method.

In addition, FundBae is adapting to the changing times by introducing a savings plan that is denominated in United States dollars. With the FundBae dollar wallet, which offers you interest at a rate of up to 7 percent per year, you won't have to stress about the value of your hard-earned Naira depreciating over time.

Fundbae is a digital financial service offering that is driven by Vale Finance Limited. Vale Finance Limited is officially licensed by the Apex financial system regulator in Nigeria, which is The Central Bank of Nigeria. Fundbae was founded in 2018. (CBN).

With FundBae version 2.5, there is a great deal to look forward to and accomplish. FundBae can be downloaded right now from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.