Gamic Guild Launches Gameathon – Africa’s First Crypto Gaming Event

Lagos, Nigeria - " Gameathon " will be the largest play-to-earn video game tournament ever held in Africa, and it will be hosted by Gamic Guild, which plans to introduce gamers to blockchain gaming.

The Gamic Guild is the largest play-to-earn gaming guild in Africa, and it is in the process of creating multiple economic earning opportunities for gamers through the playing of blockchain games. Gameathon is an esports competition that was designed to bring together millions of players from all over the world while also providing the African audience with their first taste of the play-to-earn gaming experience.

This major online gaming event, which is going to be streamed online across numerous platforms on Saturday, August 13, 2022, will bring together the most skilled blockchain players and guilds from all over the world, particularly from Africa.

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The grand finale of the Gameathon tournament will be hosted and live-streamed virtually. It will consist of a variety of spellbinding matches and sessions, in which players will compete to earn bragging rights and massive cash prizes for coming in first place.

As a result of Gamic Guild breaking down the barriers that have previously prevented Africans from accessing several lucrative opportunities on the blockchain, young gamers in Africa now have the opportunity to earn as much as $10,000 in a single month simply by playing video games. Gamic Guild, which is also deeply committed to issues of equality and fairness, is working to create a gaming community that welcomes young people of both genders and is expanding rapidly.

Do not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to join a gaming community that will genuinely compensate you for your participation in gaming activities. Join the community of more than 17,000 members and more than 8,000 active gamers to make the most of the best opportunities of a lifetime to generate cash.

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