Here are the confirmed speakers for the Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference

The exchange of information between two or more parties is an essential component of human interaction, and communication engineers facilitate this exchange. Additionally, it is essential for companies to communicate with their clientele.

Communication that is both effective and present between customers and businesses is of the utmost importance, and its presence or absence can go a long way toward making or breaking a company.

At the Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference, a number of topics, including how businesses can approach communications and how effective communication can lead to customer conversion, will be on the agenda for discussion.

You still have time to register to attend the conference, and doing so on this page will allow you to do so at no cost and reserve a spot for yourself.

The conference will take place on July 23, 2022, at BWC Hotels located on Victoria Island in Lagos, and the following is a list of the speakers who have been confirmed to take part in the event.


Gbolade Emmanuel

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Gbolade Emmanuel is an expert in software development, business management, business analytics, financial technology, and entrepreneurship. He is also an angel investor and specializes in digital marketing.

His previous positions include Chief Operating Officer at Accounteer and Chief Technology Officer at Heels. He is currently the CEO of Termii. Through Aidi Ventures, he provides assistance to new businesses and individuals in the technology sector ( Aidi. Africa).

Small businesses with a focus on technology are near and dear to his heart because he is convinced that they are the essential instrument that is required to guarantee economic and financial growth across the African continent.

He intends to investigate the numerous possibilities that technology offers for the improvement of Africa and to assist other businesspeople in achieving the same goals.

The event will be kicked off by Gbolade with a keynote address that will center on scaling with stellar communications technologies.

Toni Dada

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Toni Dada is the founder of Enterscale, a leading innovation and growth consultancy that assists new businesses in reducing growth-related risks and gaining a better understanding of growth.

She has extensive experience in the areas of strategy and performance management, digital transformation, branding and marketing, customer and market research, and business intelligence. She is also a data enthusiast.

Toni is an implementation consultant for Mixpanel in addition to being a PRINCE2 Practitioner. She has contributed to the development of GTM and commercial strategy for numerous brands in the retail, technology, media, and telecommunications industries. Some of these brands include MTN, Migo (formerly Kwikmoney), 9mobile (formerly Etisalat), Accenture, Nielsen, AIICO Insurance, Chapel Hill Denham, Kuda MFB, Kibo School, Wicrypt, Zuvy, and Kodobe.

Toni will be speaking on the panel that discusses communication models that lead to customer conversion because she is passionate about helping non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly those with a strong focus on educating and empowering African girl-children.

Ifedolapo Festus

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Ifedolapo is currently working at Termii as the Head of Global Business and Partnerships. He has worked in the fields of strategic partnerships, business and Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, and marketing for over six years.

Ifedolapo has a proven track record of success in the highly competitive technology industry when it comes to the development of intelligence to improve business operational planning and implementation.

He has a demonstrated history of contributing to and managing high-value projects for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations. He will serve as the primary moderator for the discussion on how modern businesses should approach communication.

Babajide Duroshola

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In July of 2021, Babajide Duroshola was hired on at M-KOPA Nigeria in the role of General Manager. Before joining M-KOPA, he worked as the Country Director for SafeBoda Nigeria, where he was in charge of overseeing the company's expansion in its entirety. He is an executive in business management who has extensive experience in new ventures, technological advancements, banking, and consulting.

Over the course of more than ten years of extensive transnational experience, he has developed a comprehensive competence in the operations and management of businesses, as well as in strategy, marketing, and the management and engagement of communities and ecosystems.

In addition to that, Babajide is a limited partner at Rallycap Global, which is an emerging market investment fund that makes investments in innovative new businesses in South-East Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Through Rallycap, he has directed investment processes into exciting companies such as Risevest, and he has also participated in investments into other companies located in Africa and Latin America.

Prior to joining SafeBoda, he worked at Andela as the Community Manager, Technical Talent. In this role, he was in charge of leading the community and taking ownership of the Andela brand in order to bring in new community members and fellows for the organization.

In addition to that, he has held positions as a member of the Human Resources team at Access Bank and as a human capital consultant at a leading local consulting firm.

He will be participating in a panel discussion alongside other panelists to discuss the communication models that result in the conversion of customers.

Fredrick Adams

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Fredrick Adams is one of the company's co-founders and serves as the company's Chief Product Officer. In addition to that, he is the head of product development for the digital banking service Fredrick has prior experience in the product development aspects of the legaltech, healthtech, and fintech industries.

His efforts are driven by his mantra, which he describes as "better products, brighter people, beautiful life." He is of the opinion that it is the responsibility of any creator to improve products and make people's lives more beautiful.

He will be participating in a panel discussion alongside other panelists to talk about communication models that result in customer conversion.

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