How I Work: Rinu Oduala, Project Director at HubNGR

The path that led Rinu Oduala, better known by her Twitter handle "SavvyRinu," to become an advocate for human rights began as a result of an unavoidable circumstance.

After being aware of a number of instances in which young Nigerians were treated unfairly, she made the decision to take action. She is now actively filming and advocating against police brutality and state violence in today's society.

In this episode of How I Work, she discusses the ways in which she juggles her many responsibilities and still manages to get things done.

Position held at the moment: Project Director, HubNGR The continent of Africa Current computer: Hp Laptop Current mobile device: An iphone One statement should be enough to describe your working style: In a manner unique to myself, Rinu

Give us a quick rundown of how things got started for you and how you got to where you are now.

Rinu Oduala

In Nigeria, where I live and work, I do my job in the field of civil society. Connect Hub NG is a community of young people who are documenting, defending, and lobbying against police brutality and state violence. I serve as the project director of Connect Hub NG, which is a community of young people.


We also provide assistance to victims in Nigeria who are in urgent danger due to the brutality of police or the aggression of the state. On the other hand, in addition to running a clothing company as a side business, I also manage a social media strategy platform where we conduct a great deal of digital media marketing campaigns.

I am also a student; more specifically, I am pursuing a degree in public health.

What prompted you to get involved in the civil society sector, and how has the journey been thus far?

For me, it was a matter of surviving, having grown up in a town that was on the margins and having witnessed individuals who didn't have any prospect of having food to eat the following day also being terrified for their lives. On the one hand, you are fighting for your life, but on the other hand, you are terrified that your fighting may result in your death.

Consequently, all that I desired was for there to be an end to the senseless killings of young people in Nigeria, because I was well aware that regardless of whether or not I wished for it, it was going to happen to me. We usually say that it is not an issue of if Nigeria will happen to you, but rather a matter of when Nigeria will happen to you.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the tragic tale of Tina Ezekwe, a 16-year-old high school graduate who was shot and killed by a police officer just a few days before the graduation exam she was scheduled to take. I think that was a defining event for me as well because it opened my eyes to see what the truth of my country is like. That moment opened my eyes to see what the reality of my country is like. Tina Ezekwe was fatally wounded on the 26th of May and passed away two days later. The shooting occurred on the sixth.

I believe it was also about that time that Uwa Omozuwa was raped and murdered in Benin. Both of these events took place in Benin. Because I come from a marginalized community, I knew that my parents would have been in the same position as Tina's parents, without any access to justice or assistance. At this point, I felt a strong obligation to stand up and do something because I could have been Tina, and because of my background, I knew that my parents would have been in the same position as Tina's parents.

Therefore, it was a matter of surviving for me. And then the issues that it embodied, as I said before, were simply the rights to existence, the vulnerability of young people at the hands of criminal police officers, and the way that young people always end up becoming victims of a failed system, where there is no access to justice. These were the issues that it embodied.

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What exactly do you do for a living? Walk us through an ordinary day at the office.

The beginning of a regular day for me at work begins with me working on my laptop. I primarily hire people that I have never had the opportunity to meet in person because I run a business online. I go through my mail and then go over what I have planned for the day. The tasks that need to be completed at various times during the year are listed on a calendar. As a result, I ensure that it is always up to date.

Regarding the clothes company, there are other people running it, and it is necessary for me to check up on them in order to determine the status of the orders for the day, what we have, how we are going to deliver, and the problems that we are facing.

After that, I go on to digital strategy, which also primarily takes place online. I have conversations with individuals using Zoom or Google Meet in order to discuss what it is that they want; more specifically, what kind of social marketing methods they want to put into action for their initiatives.

And then in addition to that, at the same time, I am also attending to complaints made via social media of police brutality, extrajudicial killings, harassment, and extortion at the hands of the police, and I am attempting to provide assistance to those who have made these complaints by connecting them to resources that can actually help them in their current circumstance.

When we, as young Nigerians, go through these experiences, we frequently get jaded and detached from the entirety of the situation. It creates a sense of estrangement between us and the system of government, which is not a desirable outcome given that all of us need to participate and engage in the decision-making process or else other people will do it for us.

So everything is linked together. In this process, we are working to ensure that kids do not get jaded and that they are aware that there are services available to them that they may turn to in the event that they ever face problems of this nature. Requests typically come in at a high volume every single day. In addition to that, I am currently attempting to hurry to my lessons.

Rinu Oduala

Which applications, devices, or tools can you not live without?

My laptop and my phone are both essential to my daily life at this point. Twitter and WhatsApp are essential apps for me to have on my mobile device. Twitter is something that I absolutely cannot live without. Zoom and the mobile Gmail app are essential necessities for me.

What is your go-to method or trick for completing tasks quickly and efficiently?

My mind can get quite focused on one thing at a time. My tendency is to concentrate so intently on one topic that I lose track of everything else going on around me. It's possible that I won't eat today. It's possible that I won't go out tonight. Once I am involved in one particular subject that I need to work on, it's possible that I won't remember anything else at all. The calendar app is one that I've become adept at using as a workaround; nevertheless, it's also one of the apps with which I struggle the most.

I fill in the tasks that are necessary for me to complete. I give it my best effort to incorporate all that falls under my purview of responsibility. And considering that I can't complete the task without my phone, if I don't receive a reminder, I will most certainly forget about it. That's one strategy for dealing with stressful situations that I've used in the past.

Also I tend to be a hands-on person, but I have realized that I need to learn to delegate some things to other people. Therefore, the majority of what I do these days consists of contracting out various tasks.

What tasks do you detest yet nevertheless undertake?

My least favorite part of the day is when I have to respond to emails because it usually implies that I have work to do or that I have to make a commitment to something.

Texting is far more convenient for me than talking on the phone. I also don't like making videos. Because I like to take multiple takes of each shot, it can take me up to four hours to produce a video that is just one minute long.

How do you take a break or replenish your batteries?

It used to be challenging because every time you would wake up, there would be something new waiting for me. But when I'm feeling stressed, I put on some headphones and go for a long walk while listening to music. This helps me clear my thoughts and unwind. Going to the gym at the same time as well.

I also read a number of novels that were interesting. When I'm not cooking, I enjoy going out to eat. If you push me, I'll admit that the majority of the time I spend sleeping.

Rinu Oduala

What are you listening to, what are you watching, and what are you reading right now?

I'm now reading a novel called Silence Is My Mother Tongue, which was written by Sulaiman Addonia, as well as a book titled Wahala, which was written by Nikki May. Because I believe that Nigerian authors are among the best in the world, I make it a point to read a lot of their work these days.

Currently, I'm checking out music from Asa, Wizkid, Fireboy, and Fela. They account for around half of the songs on my playlist.

Tell me about the most useful piece of guidance that somebody has ever given you.

I believe that you should be the driving force in the decisions that pertain to your own life. There is no need for additional influences such as drugs or anything else that could wreak havoc on your mind. You are the decisive element, it’s anything you decide that goes.

And also the fact that sometimes the things you plan don't always pan out the way you expect them to. It doesn't imply that you're a loser, and it doesn't mean that other people can understand it better than you can; it just means that everyone's learning curves are at a different pace. I'm pretty sure the Bible has something to say about how various people experience different times and seasons. Therefore, the fact that you obtained it at a later time than other individuals does not signify that you are a failure or that you do not know what you are doing. It signifies that you have control over that period of time.

In addition to that, my grandmother always stressed the importance of maintaining the appropriate level of tolerance when dealing with various situations. The amount of time it will take you to earn a degree will be significantly longer than the amount of time it will take you to complete a program that lasts, say, six months. Since this is the case, the time will be different. It depends on what it is that you want to accomplish at this point.

The phrase that comes to mind first is "the patient dog eats the fattest bone," but she doesn't put it quite that way; instead, she says that "various levels of your life require different endurance." I think that's the shortest way to put it.

What is a challenge that you have not yet conquered to the best of your ability?

The issue involves money. *laughs*

Making an effort to achieve success in what I do. Being successful is not something that comes easily. In point of fact, failing is much simpler than succeeding. Therefore, being successful, remaining at the top of what I do, being consistent, remaining true to what I believe in, and not being swayed by other elements in my life are what I consider to be the most important things in my life.

Who is the one person you want would respond to these questions?

That presents a challenge. Asa and DJ Switch are two people I'd like to see.