How to Join the Jumia Affiliate Program

With its own logistics business, Jumia Logistics, and its digital payment and fintech platform, JumiaPay, Jumia has become the most successful e-commerce platform in Africa. Jumia's marketplace is supported by all three of these businesses. JumiaPay makes it easy to make payments online and distributes a wide variety of digital and financial services, while Jumia Logistics ensures that millions of items are delivered without a hitch.

Individuals have the chance, through Jumia, to promote their own goods and services and earn a commission for each successful transaction they facilitate.

Are you the proprietor of a company, an employee, a student, or the producer of material, and are you interested in earning a monthly income without leaving the house? Then you could utilize the Jumia Affiliate Program to your advantage.

Several Advantages of Participating in This Program

By participating in this program, which is known as the Jumia KOL program, you will be introduced to a new form of cooperation with Jumia.

It is simple to sign up, and you will be able to direct your customers to the Jumia website ( by using bespoke images that will be created specifically for you and building custom links that will be displayed on your website, app, blog, and other social media assets.

When someone clicks on the link or image that you have posted on your website or social media and then makes a successful purchase on the Jumia website (, you are eligible to get a commission of up to 9 percent. This commission can be earned again.

And what do you know! Registering an account does not cost anything at all.

What are the requirements to become a participant in the program?

To register for the Jumia KOL program, all you need to do is go to this website ( and fill out the registration form with the required information. This takes only a few minutes, and after it's done, the permission will be handled right away.

We are quite excited to have you become a member of the Jumia Affiliate program.

For more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at ( if you have any questions.