How to prepare for Amazon’s interview process

Techpoint Africa provided assistance to job seekers who were interested in working for Amazon by hosting a Twitter Space on the topic of how to get ready for the company's interview process on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

An interview event for software developer II applicants interested in relocating to the United States, Canada, or Ireland was held in Lagos, Nigeria, as part of the recruitment efforts of the American eCommerce behemoth.

The event, which will take place between August 1 and 5, 2022, is not only a chance for Nigerian software engineers to work for one of the most successful technological businesses in the world, but it is also an outstanding opportunity for them to relocate to a location outside of Nigeria.

Felix Ekwueme, Product Management Leader and Customer Experience Impressions specialist at Amazon, provided pointers on the best ways to prepare for Amazon interviews and some helpful insights about his two years working at Amazon. He also shared some interesting anecdotes from his time working there.

In 2012, Ekwueme made the trip from Nigeria to the United States in order to pursue a degree in computer science at Wiley College. Before joining Amazon in 2020, he held positions at a number of different technology businesses, including IBM.


How to best prepare yourself for the interview process at Amazon

How long does it take?

According to Ekwume, the interview process at Amazon takes approximately three weeks, and he characterized it as being an easy process to follow. " In essence, they are testing to see if you have any comprehension of what Amazon is all about.

In preparation for the interview, what should I study?

Before coming in for interviews at Amazon, it is a good idea to familiarize oneself with the company's leadership ideals. According to Ekwueme, there is a ninety percent possibility that applicants who are not knowledgeable about these principles will not go past the first stage of the competition.

Stage 1

The following stage, which Ekwueme refers to as the whole loop, is when candidates will be scrutinized by a panel, and their knowledge of Amazon's leadership principles will be evaluated.

They judge you based on criteria such as ownership. When you have ownership, it indicates that you have complete control over your product and that you don't delegate responsibility for solving problems to other people.

Stage 2

After evaluations, a decision is reached after a debrief call. Recruiters at Amazon will determine which position is most suited to your skills if they decide to offer you a job with the company.

Here you will find further information regarding the preparation of Amazon interviews.

Amazons <strong>interview</strong> processA resource that can help in answering Amazon’s leadership questions.

Various other specifics

Another user on Twitter who had previously gone through the interview process to become a software engineer also shared his story. He indicated that the candidates would be given a test consisting of a data structure and algorithm for a duration of ninety minutes to evaluate their coding abilities.

The evaluation is followed by a series of behavioral assessments that center on Amazon's guiding principles for leadership. In this stage of the process, the questions center on the prospective employee's responses to various hypothetical situations.

After that, you will be subjected to some fundamental interview questions such as "why are you qualified for this role?"

" Apply for a job that requires more experience than you believe you have." In the event that you do not meet the requirements for the role that you applied for during the interview, Ekwueme claims that you may still receive recommendations for lower positions.

What are the following steps after breaking into Amazon?

While it is essential to provide guidance on how to excel during the application and interview stages of the hiring process, it is equally essential to be familiar with the best procedures to follow once employed by the organization.

" Your ability to work well with others, your communication skills, and your willingness to compromise will determine how successful you are on a team."

Ekwueme brought up the issue that once employees start working for Amazon, they have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on themselves to deliver, which is a mindset that could make them less productive.

When you become a member of Amazon, time will be on your side. There is a vast amount of knowledge contained within Amazon, and the only way you will be able to comprehend it is if you allow yourself the luxury of time.

Ekwueme went on to describe the challenges he faced while working at Amazon in terms of getting along with people and fostering relationships. The first challenge was getting used to communicating with one another; Amazon used a lot of acronyms, and getting familiar with all of them was necessary for successful communication.

To our great relief, Amazon sells a dictionary of acronyms, which can significantly speed up the process of learning new ones. In addition, he mentioned the fact that employees of the organization have a motivation to assist one another as well. Because of the way the leadership culture is structured, everyone you ask for assistance will be willing to provide it.