“It’s tough but not undoable.” Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson on Healthtracka’s $1.5m seed round

A seed funding round for the Nigerian health technology startup Healthtracka totaled $1.5 million. Hustle Fund and Ingressive Capital were the primary investors in this round. Flying Doctors and Alumni Angels Alliance are two of the organizations that took part in Healthtracka's seed funding round, which totaled $1.5 million.

Healthtracka, which provides medical lab tests to Nigerians from the convenience of their own homes, was established by Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson and Victor Amusan, who are also the company's co-founders. It works with lab partners such as vCare Diagnostics, Lancet Laboratories, and AFRIGLOBAL Medicare to analyze samples that have been received and mails the results back to the users within two days.

During a call with Techpoint Africa, the Co-founder and CEO of Healthtracka, Dare-Johnson, stated that the company's goal is to decentralize access to healthcare, beginning with medical diagnosis.

She is of the opinion that scheduling lab tests online and having them performed in the privacy and convenience of one's own home could be the beginning of better healthcare outcomes in Africa, given the importance of early diagnosis in identifying and preventing potentially life-threatening health problems.

However, there are obstacles that must be overcome before health checks can be performed in the convenience of people's own homes.


One of the difficulties that the startup company has faced since it was first introduced to the public in May 2021 is gaining the users' trust. Dare-Johnson related how some individuals had concerns about whether or not Healthtracka would show up for the tests after they had paid for them.

" Over the course of time, we've established trust. People are familiar with Healthtracka, and as a result, they have the self-assurance to come to our platform to book their lab tests, knowing that we will appear there as promised.

It should be noted that users were not the only group of individuals with whom the health tech startup needed to establish trust. According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), partners and stakeholders likewise required convincing.

" It was imperative that we convince all of the stakeholders that new customers would eventually arrive. When our clients first started placing orders and scheduling appointments for tests, it became much simpler for our stakeholders and partners to accept the fact that we are capable of generating demand in this market.

Over 7,000 laboratory tests have been distributed by Healthtracka in seven different cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Kaduna, and Ilorin, and Ibadan.

Healthtracka is expanding its customer base by investing in health education in addition to cultivating the trust of its user base.

If you ask one hundred people when their most recent checkup was, only twenty of them will say this year. You'll be lucky if you get that many responses. The good news is that more and more people are becoming aware of and seeing that it is possible to take care of one's own healthcare needs at home.

This new venture promotes health awareness and education by publishing content on social media platforms and engaging communities in conversations about healthcare issues.

Because of Healthtracka's seed funding of $1.5 million, the company plans to expand its operations to Ghana and Kenya within the next six months. This will allow the company to engage with more communities outside of Nigeria.

Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson was awarded $1.5 million in <strong>seed</strong> funding from Healthtracka.Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson

Additionally, it is planning a user growth strategy that will involve partnering with employers in order to offer lab tests to the employees of those employers.

Dare-Johnson disclosed additional information, stating that Healthtracka would be releasing a new line of products, one of which would be an API infrastructure for healthcare providers to use in order to offer home services to their patients.

The product is in line with Healthracka's objective of providing Africans with access to diagnosis that is as simple and uncomplicated as is humanly possible.

While Healthtracka's funding brings the startup closer to achieving this objective, it is also an essential step toward changing the narrative about women-led startups on the continent. Healthtracka was the first company on the continent to receive venture capital funding.

A little more than one-tenth of one percent of the $5 billion raised by African startups in 2021 went to companies that were led by women.

$1.5 million was seeded into Healthtracka. Co-founders of Healthtracka.comL-R: Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson & Victor Amusan, Healthtracka Co-founders

According to Dare-Johnson, the challenges that women face when attempting to raise capital for their new businesses are not exaggerated. According to her, in order to get funded, women need to do a lot more convincing than their male counterparts do.

She has witnessed cases in which women have provided impressive levels of traction but have still been denied funding, whereas the male counterparts of these cases have been granted funding despite having a lower level of traction or the same level of traction.


I am reminded of a particular investor who I had a conversation with and who inquired about the condition of my family. I was taken aback for a moment and questioned the relevance of the topic at hand, which was my family.

Dare-Johnson related the story of the investor questioning how she planned to juggle the responsibilities of both her family and the new business.

In the end, she reached the conclusion that people are biased against those who do not look like them and that this prejudice needs to be eliminated.

More women will be inspired to lead startups, grow their businesses, and secure funding as a result of the funding stories of women-led startups such as Healthtracka, which Dare-Johnson believes is "difficult but not impossible."

Her vision for Healthtracka is to make it the most accessible medical care provider on the African continent. Even though the company is just getting its feet wet with diagnostics right now, its long-term goal is to bring other kinds of healthcare to African households.