Published: 2022-06-09
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It is thanks to the efforts of people in the public and private sectors in Africa who are breaking down barriers and defying odds to fix the problems and bring the nation's health sector up to pace with the potentiality of achieving universal health coverage that Africa's health-care system has seen objective changes and attracted much attention in the last half of a century. In this time period, Africa's health-care system has seen objective changes and attracted much attention (UCH). However, the majority of the population, which is why the changes need to be reflected in them, is being robbed of the quality of health. These are the people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged and low-income earners who do not have access to appropriate medical treatment.

LAGOS HEALTH SUMMIT was established in the year 2020 by the healthcare Analytics (HCA) consortium. It was founded by a group of healthcare advocates cut across different professions who were tasked with fostering productive conversations and providing networking opportunities with key public and private stakeholders/policy makers in the health sector, as well as creating a business enabling environment and, most importantly, gaining accreditation. The goal of the summit was to achieve an effective health sector in not just Nigeria, but in Africa as a whole

Since its inception, the Lagos Health Summit has presented sponsors and attendees with key protagonists from throughout the healthcare industry, including healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses, policymakers, investors, and technology companies. According to Tosin Akinola, Communications Lead for the Lagos Health Summit, the previous edition of the summit hosted over 20 healthcare brands. Some of these brands include Aella credit, The gridc, Hi-Impact TV, Nigeria Health Watch (NHW), Evercare Hospital Lekki, Total Healthcare Trust (THT), and Tremendoc.

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The Health Care Authority (HCA) is pleased to announce the third edition of the Lagos Health Summit (LHS 3.0), which will focus on sparking debates around the topic of "Leveraging partnerships in enhancing health outcomes." The conference will provide delegates with significant opportunities for unrivaled networking and the exchange of ideas with thought leaders and professionals from throughout the health industry. Additionally, participants will have special access to critical partners. In addition, forward-thinking companies such as lagoon hospital, Casava, Clafiya, and Healthtracka, to name just a few, are on board in their entirety and prepared to launch. In addition, our exhibition display, which will feature more than thirty different vendors, will be open to visitors for the purpose of facilitating networking possibilities with service providers. The sponsorship and exhibition option helps to provide firms with significant brand promotion by means of event brochure, pre-event and post-event digital marketing, exhibition, and speaking presentation opportunities.

The registration fee for the summit grants access to the entire two-day event, including attendance at plenary and panel sessions, complimentary access to conference materials, and access to exhibition booths. This would ensure that the attendees, partners, and various stakeholders present receive accurate brand communication.

Visit the following websites in order to sign up for the summit:

Akinola Tosin and Rasheedat Ameen are responsible for this work.