Liquid Technologies launches Africa’s first Cyber Security Fusion Centres in South Africa

Today, July 20, 2022, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the first of Liquid Cyber Security's matrix of Cyber Security Fusion Centres was opened for business. Cassava Technologies is the parent firm of Liquid Cyber Security.

Africa is up against an expanding number of cyber dangers, some of which include espionage, sabotage of essential infrastructure, combat innovation, and organized crime. On the other hand, the majority of African nations have not yet developed a comprehensive national cybersecurity policy.

In spite of the fact that South Africa is behind in certain parts of cybersecurity, the government appears to be taking steps to remedy the problem. For starters, the nation has a national cybersecurity policy, making it one of only 28 in the globe.

In the year 2020, David Behr, the current Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Cloud and Cyber Security, established Liquid Cyber Security as a reaction to the rapidly increasing number of cyber attacks.

As a direct result of this, companies and governments throughout Africa will have access to Liquid's network of Security Fusion Centres, which are positioned in strategic markets.


The organization intends to respond to threats by utilizing a methodology that incorporates strategic, tactical, technical, and operational threat intelligence. This will enable teams to make decisions based on accurate information, hence reducing the risk to customers.

These centers will integrate the existing Liquid Cloud Operations and Liquid Network Operation Centres, as well as providing threat intelligence. This will ensure that customers have full end-to-end security assistance across cyber security, cloud, and networks.

The organization believes that they will be able to reduce silos and improve threat visibility, which will result in increased cyber resilience as well as greater collaboration across teams. Businesses are able to avoid being taken by surprise by cyberattacks if they have access to a comprehensive offering that includes security advise, managed service, and integrated cyber intelligence.

According to Behr, once the centers are fully operational, they will leverage their capability to track and predict threats across the continent. This ability will be enhanced by the capabilities of their international partners such as Microsoft, ITC Secure, and Xcitium. Behr stated that the centres will make use of these capabilities.