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Published: 2022-06-10

Olamilekan Sadiq, better known by his stage name DJ Necessity, is introduced here. He has worked as a Disc Jockey (also known as a DJ) for more than 14 years. He gives us a little-known detail about himself that has to do with children and coding, and he does so while regaling us with humorous asides as he walks us through his journey in the industry.

It's a lot of fun for me to perform at wedding receptions. Why? I really enjoy seeing couples dance, especially the more outrageous ones who will say things like "DJ, you're killing me. You're killing me, just give me!!" It's a lovely sentiment, and whenever I play music at a wedding or other celebration, I always send up a prayer that it will be until death do them part. It brings to mind a wedding that a close friend and I went to together, and on the third day following the wedding, everything came to an end. It was the lady who paid for the DJ, and because my friend had used my set, I accompanied him to collect his balance so that I could get paid.

"Because you guys always do a good job for me, that's why I always give you money. She revealed to us that she and the jerk she had previously wed were no longer living together. I was taken aback by that.

Because I want to be a part of the reason why the wedding is memorable, I always go with my best game, my last breath, and a phrase like "this party, you guys are going to take!" Therefore, when I go to any event, I will pray, saying things like, "God, this one I'm going to, in addition to it being a fantastic day for me, the home should be at peace." Because every wedding that I attend turns out to be an experience that I will never forget.

The path that led him to become a DJ

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You have to understand that becoming a DJ was one of the things that assisted me in a significant manner. It was a skill that I had developed on my own with the help of the Internet; it was not something that I had learnt from anyone else. I was staying in my dorm room one day, so I skipped school on that particular day (I attended the Lagos State University). As a result, I was at home doing nothing when I made the decision to hook up my laptop to my sound system and begin performing some fundamental tasks. In spite of the fact that I can't sing to save my life and don't think I have a particularly pleasant voice, I am a huge music enthusiast. In a very literal sense, I would rather listen to music than eat.

On that particular day, my sole intention was to amuse myself. Then, one of my neighbors approached me and said, "Hello there, are you a DJ?" I responded with, "No, I'm just messing around," as my response. He questioned whether or not it was a mix that I was playing. I responded by saying, "No, no, no, it is not a combination. Yes, I will be listening to this mix on my own. And he continued, in a heavy Igbo accent, "So you are the one doing this ya thing?" I said yes. "Oh, men, you are really worthless, brother. You are telling me that you are having fun with something that your friends are utilizing to make money, but I know otherwise. After that, I thought to myself, "Well, this guy is saying something."

Although this was not the first time someone had told me this, the manner in which the man stated it was very different from previous occurrences. Because I was concerned that no one would support me if I engaged in this activity. But back then, I didn't fully comprehend it. If I had known that I was good at it, I could have just gone anywhere and asked to work for free without any hesitation. I was able to begin lifting myself up from that point on. This occurred around the year 2008

Everything ranging from education to the internet and everything in between

You should know that I have a degree in computer science, and in my spare time, I enjoy modifying applications for mobile phones. This supplied me with access to Internet subscriptions that just require a nominal payment or even none at all to gain Internet access. Consequently, all I did was make a few minor adjustments, and then I was able to connect to the internet. Because there was no charge for using the internet, I was able to perform an incredible number of tasks. And YouTube was not a particularly well-known website back then; in fact, the only individuals who made connections through it were those who were active on Facebook or had a high level of Internet savvy.

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It's an interesting fact, but the Virtual DJ app that I used (and from which I learned) was really one that I stole from a friend's machine (laptop). When I first saw it, my first thought was, "Let me just see how this thing works." And after one or two efforts, together with the information I gleaned from the internet, I was finally successful in coming up with anything.

The Internet is responsible for teaching me about DJing to the extent of thirty percent. The remaining 70 percent was entirely due to me, along with inquiries from other specialists who might not want to tell you what you need to do, but rather give you a summary of their recommendations. I dissected what they provided for me, and the result was the formation of something new.

What it means to be a DJ in this day and age

Back then, it was difficult because you had to look out for someone to go out with in order to assist with some fundamental relationships. Then, if I wanted to make contact with top DJs, I would constantly look through social media. The reason I did this was because, for one, I wanted to learn their skills, but regrettably, I didn't have anyone to learn from at the time. Two, I was also interested in gaining some understanding of their relationship.

The reasoning for this assumption was that when I go out to work with you, there would come a point in time when they will be really busy. Therefore, it was a challenge. They will believe that you are trying to take advantage of them by stealing their relationships, which is essentially what is going on in the globe right now. If I bring you along with me to work somewhere, I can guarantee that at least one person will ask for my business card. You provide the person your contact information rather than giving them my business card. How difficult is it, ehn, to find a reliable person in this Nigeria? E hard.

To become a DJ in today's world is not an overly difficult endeavor. You can literally be anywhere in the world right now so long as you have money. As long as you are wealthy and a DJ, I would argue that your talent level is practically irrelevant at this point anyway. What matters are the amount of money you have and the connections you have. There are a great number of skilled DJs whose work you have not yet heard on the air. I am aware of several DJs who are not only excellent in their craft but also legends in the industry. However, due to financial restraints, these DJs actually get nowhere except for the glory of their past, which they continue to live on now. The majority of the DJs that I am familiar with who work in radio stations are paid very little or they do the job for free.

I've counted as many as twenty DJs working on a single street. Now picture all of the other competitors. Imagine for a moment that you were offered a lower pay rate simply because you wanted the employment or wanted to include it in your portfolio. When you hear some DJs — I am a DJ, and I know when a DJ is excellent or when he is not good, although I am not in the best position to judge — you may say that this man is good. I am not in the best position to judge because I am not in the best position to judge. When listening to certain DJs, though, you may find yourself wondering whether or not the individual in question received any training in the relevant field before beginning their career. And if you take a close look at it, you'll notice that the majority of them only become involved with it to turn it into a side business and also to distract themselves from whatever it was that they were doing before.

Beyond the scope of a playlist on Spotify or Audiomack

DJs are the animating force behind a party; they give it vitality and make it come to life. The absence of a DJ means that there will be no party. We are the ones who bring the party to life.

It is not enough to simply have a playlist on Spotify or Audiomack; you need to flip between different moods. As a DJ who has been asked to a party to play music, one of my goals is to genuinely make eye contact with each guest while I'm performing. Now, in order to set your tunes, you will want to use Audiomack. What if the atmosphere of the party is not one in which they are required to dance, particularly gbe body? Perhaps they would rather groove to the song, slow the vibe down, and just take some time to relax with some drinks and mellow out. Regardless of what you believe you are doing, the truth is that you are compiling a playlist for yourself. However, a DJ will absolutely take a glance around, observe the ambiance, and evaluate the setting in order to choose the type of song that a person should listen to.

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If you use Boomplay or Audiomack, you'll be able to locate your vibe, and other people will vibe to what you find. However, there will come a point when the vibe is no longer present. Yes, the DJ will take special requests, but in order to get to the special requests, you have to make sure that everyone has been served. Okay, so you really want to play Essence by Wizkid and Tems, but your grandfather insists on dancing to Ebenezer Obey or Ayinde Barrister instead. What do you do? Hello, you are going to completely ruin his vibe.

When I was younger, there was no such thing as downloading music from the internet. Then I had a friend, may God rest his soul, who had a unique bag that he used to store CDs, and I learned from him. And in order for them to acquire tunes, they had to go to a specific store in Ikeja. When they arrive there, all that is left to do is write down the music that they want to burn into the CD, and then they copy the list. But despite the fact that it is now much simpler to do so, especially thanks to some truly remarkable websites, I don't really subscribe to the idea of obtaining a song through piracy. This is due to the fact that whoever sang a song that you like spent a whole lot of money getting the instrumentals, having the song recorded, the studio sessions, making artwork for the music, and so on. Furthermore, they still have to use their own personal finances to promote the songs through all of the available platforms on which

Therefore, the Internet and other forms of technology have been wonderful and have made things much simpler. This is also the reason why there are now more DJs in the city. If we had CD racks to grab tunes from back then, someone would have gotten tired of lugging the load long before they did. Currently, I have over 300,000 music thanks to the combination of my laptop and a hard drive. Only sixty minutes' worth of music can be played from a CD.

The advancement of technology has greatly simplified this line of work. When it comes to DJing, there are a few technical aspects that you need to be familiar with and work with, such as modifying your songs, making them run, and ensuring that they are balanced out, effects and echo and everything else included. It is not anything that was particularly simple at that time. But these days, all it takes to get started as a DJ is the press of a button and an understanding of what you have to sync up with.

Teaching children to code

My laptop is by far my favorite tool, and the reason for this is that I use it for a wide variety of tasks. Simple coding is all I do; I'm not a skilled coder. And the reason I do it is because I find that medium to be very helpful when it comes to interacting with children. I have a lot of affection for children, and because I started from scratch to learn coding, I perform that work for free. Therefore, it is important that I also give something back and instruct them in the fundamentals. If they have an interest, they have the ability to develop it and become whatever it is that they want to be.

As part of my job, I visit various schools. I approach them and let them know that I am interested in working as a teacher in their institution. I don't charge them, but the school might offer me a gift as a way of saying thanks for my help.

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When it comes to coding, the truth is that once you get the fundamental concept down, you are set to go. It's merely what I give from the overflow of the love that I have in my heart. Yes, I do receive certain money pledges from some individuals, but that is not what I discuss with them in our negotiations.

I don't currently have a foundation, but I'm working toward establishing one. However, a foundation can only be established by a person with financial resources. To this point, I have collaborated with six different schools, and I have really enjoyed working with the students there. They bring back memories of my time spent in high school, even though I attended a public institution during that time. Children will always behave like children.

Scratch is the programming language that is most suited for youngsters since it combines animation and programming in a single environment. Python is the programming language to use if you want to work with fundamental coding, such as code code, to solve problems rather than to play games or create 3D animation effects. It is pretty simple to understand.

My coworkers range in age from 10 and up, with the youngest being ten. If a student of 10 years old is able to write a simple piece of code, then it is simply a matter of going over the various functions and the parameters. You won't have any further problems after you finish doing that. Python is a programming language that may be used for a very wide range of activities, including data research, the solution of issues, the creation of games and applications, and the design of websites. I teach Python to students.

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HTML and CSS are not fundamentals of the web. First and foremost, we need to concentrate on the fundamentals. Others can come in later because once you've established your parameters, keys, and functions, you can begin introducing Java, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and then you'll be ready to go. Others can come in later because once you've established your parameters, keys, and functions, others can come in later.

But even if I'm instructing you in the fundamentals, you should still have the drive to keep learning new things; don't make my work in teaching you pointless. Therefore, in addition to instructing them to work on something, I also encourage them to learn more and look for more information. Let's get more experience, let's get to know more people, and let's get out there and see more.

Where do we go from here?

The trip has been enjoyable, but if there is one thing I wish I had known when I first started my job, it is programming, specifically computer language. My DJ app would have been my own creation if I had knowledge of programming. Because it sets a standard for me, not only as an engineer but also as a black guy, to demonstrate that we are capable of accomplishing something worthwhile. Because these corporate white guys who invented this software made it possible, and without them, it would not have been as simple.