Meet the speakers at Lagos Startup Week 2022

Lagos Startup Week is a celebration in Africa's startup scene that lasts for a full week and brings together various players for the purpose of learning, investment, exhibiting, career progression, and networking. It takes place from the 25th to the 30th of July in 2022.

With a gathering of more than 5,000 tech stakeholders each year, the Lagos Startup Week has established itself as the most engaging tech and startup event not only in Nigeria but even across Africa. This position was achieved since the event's inception in 2015. It is the only location that brings together people with relevant skills, such as founders, operators, investors, and regulators, all of whom have something valuable to offer each other.

The question of "What's Next?" is the focus of this year's edition. You will be able to take a glimpse into the future if you attend this event because you will be able to hear from those who are currently building for that future as well as their investors, and you will be able to understand the role that you could play in that future. Startup founders, investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts will take an in-depth look at what the future holds for various industries, in addition to discussing other important topics such as gender equality and being globally employable.

The sixth iteration of the Lagos Startup Week (LSW), which will take place from July 25th to July 30th, 2022, will be hosted in three main venues, and it will also feature a number of virtual programs designed to include Africans living outside of Africa in the conversation.

" We couldn't be more thrilled to be a sponsor of the Lagos Startup Week this year. This year's edition is an opportunity to reflect on the journey that has been taken thus far and look into the future of technology across a variety of industries, including commerce, logistics, healthcare, and more. The company that I work for is a technology startup that solves payment problems for ambitious businesses in Africa.

We are excited to show guests exciting payment experiences at our booth, as well as to host participants on the innovation tour, engage in thought-provoking conversations, meet founders, operators, and other ecosystem stakeholders. claims Paystack, one of the event's sponsors, which is taking place in Lagos this week.

Branch International is ecstatic to make the announcement that it will be sponsoring #Lagosstartupweek 2022! We are a startup that is bringing world-class financial services to smartphone users in emerging markets in order to enable them to save money, make transactions, pay bills, and invest money using their mobile devices. This is how we are revolutionizing banking in developing countries.

We anticipate an exciting time with fellow stakeholders, founders, experts, enthusiasts, and guests who stop by our exhibition booth during Lagos startup week this year. Branch invites you to come experience "What's Next" for the company and to join us on our journey.

This year, we hope to spark conversations around "What's Next" by creating connections and hearing from founders as they work towards achieving their goals of changing business and society with technology. We will do this by creating conversations around "What's Next" by creating connections and hearing from founders. Through this event, we will not only be able to gain knowledge from those who are already working on the future, but we will also be able to empower and enable the next generation of founders and disruptors. Lagos Startup Week was organized by Said Olumide Olayinka, and Prime Startups was the event's partner.

The following is a list of shows that you shouldn't miss during the course of the week.

What Lies Ahead For Financial Technology

The date is July 25th, 2022.

Venue – Twitter

Because of all the recent activity in the fintech industry, many people argue that there are far too many players, while others argue that there are not nearly enough. Come find out what the future holds for the financial technology sector by joining us and listening to our speakers at this event. Join us in this area of the Space!

Speakers include Dayo Odulate-Ademola, who is the Managing Director of Nigeria Branch International, Celestine Omini, who is the Co-Founder of Klump, Nubi Kay, who is the Startup Programs Lead for Paystack, Olumide Olayinka, who is the Co-Host of Lagos Startup Week, and Benjamin Dada Nigeria, who is the Nigeria Country Manager for Stitch.

Masterclass in the Growth of Startups:

The date is the 27th of July in 2022.

Venue – Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island

We invite people who are experts in growth and executives at high-growth startups to talk to you and your team about how to position your business for growth. This is a presentation that anyone who is interested in marketing or who is starting a startup should not miss. Register here


  • Principal of The Otaigbe Group and Anthony Otagbie, Otagbie
  • Jenrade Lawal, Klump Technologies
  • Jerry Okon serves as the Head of Operations for Flex Finance.
  • Ms. Lucy Mbuthia, an Expert in Business Strategy
  • Adetutu Talabi – Side Brief
  • Exhibitions:

    Meet innovative businesses in the field of technology, including Paystack, Omnibiz, Branch, Microsoft, Klump, Youverify, Lemonade Finance, and Izesan! Speak Esan!, Flex Finance, and a few others are some examples.

    Tours of Innovative Practices: (27th July, 2022 )

    Get the chance to check out some of Nigeria's most innovative and successful new businesses. This tour will focus on locations that are thought to be extremely important for the development of the technology startup scene in Lagos. Among these points are startup and hub companies like Paystack, Endeavour, and Cchub, among others. Here is where you can make your reservation for the innovation tour.

    The Next Technological Frontier: Anticipating Change and Construction of Infrastructure for the Next Billion

    The date is the 28th of July in 2022.

    Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island

    There has been a proliferation of new businesses and digital products in the areas of healthcare, education, and finance. In recent years, there has been a shift toward other industries, such as blockchain technology, gaming, the energy sector, and so on.

    The attendees of this session will be informed on the direction the market is headed, as well as how we can get ready for the shift.


  • Olu Akanmu, President & Co-CEO – Opay Nigera.
  • Nefe Etomi is the Lead of Strategy and Finance for Paystack.
  • Business Insider's Victor Oluwole is a member of the editorial staff.
  • Dayo Ademola is the Managing Director of the Nigerian Branch of Branch International.
  • E-bright commerce's future lies in the widespread use of electronic payment methods in the business-to-consumer retail sector.

    Since the last edition of LSW was published, several novel approaches to monetary exchange have become standard. There are now options available to us such as direct debit and buy now, pay later. What other developments can we anticipate in the realm of online commerce? Attend this event to hear from people who are building the new payment rails.


  • Chief Plumber Ope Adeoye is in charge of one pipe.
  • Priya Amarnani is the Head of Business Operations for MPlify.
  • Market Intelligence for Paystack is handled by Tochukwu Ironsi.
  • The Omnibiz team's Head of Product is led by Zainab Arilese.
  • Mayowa Alli is one of the co-founders of the company Traction Apps.
  • What's Next for Video Games and Animated Cartoons: Telling Stories from Africa The development of video games and the future of the metaverse

    In Africa, gaming has developed into a culture, and we have had discussions about how players can make money off of the new technology by monetizing their spare time. The importance of knowing what the future holds for this industry and how to position yourself in it cannot be overstated.


  • Hugo Obi, Founder – Maliyo Games
  • The general manager of Limitless Studios is a woman named Agnes Soyode-Johnson.
  • Kunmi Adenipebi, COO, Gamr.
  • What Lies Ahead For The Broadband Infrastructure And The Services Of Mobile Technology

    The number of people using the internet has increased in Nigeria. There has been an increase in the number of people using 4G networks, but connectivity is still an issue because there are not very many places that can boast of having high network speeds. The environment is ripe for innovation, and in this session, we will hear from some leaders in the relevant field.


  • Kendall Ananyi, CEO – Tizeti.
  • Taha Jiwaji, CEO – Beem.
  • These are only a few of the many different sessions that we will be holding throughout the course of the entire week. You can tell that this is just the beginning of what's to come. You don't need to be concerned about fatigue because all of them are going to be modeled as conversations and will keep every listener interested.

    Please check back here for additional details regarding each of the sessions as well as the speakers. There are a limited number of seats available, so it is imperative that you reserve one as soon as possible.

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    to Anticipate;

  • 3 Virtual Events
  • There are three actual locations.
  • Tour de l'innovation
  • Workshops
  • 70+ Speakers
  • Venues:

  • Zone Tech Park.
  • Federal Palace Hotel and Casinos.
  • Dates: July 25th through July 30th, 2022.

    This Week's Agenda:

    As was mentioned earlier, the celebration will last for a total of six days, beginning on Monday the 23rd and ending on Saturday the 30th of July.

    Please check back here for additional details regarding each of the sessions as well as the speakers. There are a limited number of seats available, so it is imperative that you reserve one as soon as possible.

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