Meet Vault Hill’s prolific Head of Gaming, Tayo Kalejaiye

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Published: 2022-06-15

Tayo Kalejaiye, a leading creative director, has recently joined the exceptional team that is developing the world's first human-centric metaverse, which is called Vault Hill City (VHC). In my capacity as Head of Gaming. The vast amount of experience in gaming, NFT, and augmented reality that Tayo brings to the table will help to take the game development at VHC to the next level.

Tayo has worked with a lot of high-end brands and gaming projects directly with presence from Jay-ROC z's nation. His experience spans the fields of graphic design, film production, game development, and animation, and he has more than 15 years of experience in these areas combined.

During the 1990s, his enthusiasm for collecting comic books and action figures fostered a burning curiosity about non-fiction texts (NFTs). However, during his time at NMTC Dublin, when he was pursuing an MA in Digital Film and Animation, he developed a particular interest in Virtual and Augmented Reality. It was during this time that he made an interactive short film that was powered by Augmented Reality.

Since then, he has developed a number of noteworthy projects, including a 3D visualisation of the office of Bill and Melinda Gates (in collaboration with a well-known architecture firm in West Africa), and a mobile game called "Money Run" for Davido, who is one of the most successful performing artists in Africa.

In a similar vein, he has developed initiatives for companies such as Netflix, Apple, MTV Base, Hennessy, and First Bank, to name just a few. In recognition of the exceptional quality of his work, Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, have presented Tayo with a MegaGrant that will allow him to continue the production of an animated short film titled "City of Light" while utilizing the most cutting-edge AI Motion Capture Technology.

"Tayo's leadership in the game development for Vault Hill City is something we couldn't be happier with. After only a few amount of time spent getting to know some of our team members and talking with them, he was able to make a significant contribution, offer ideas and solutions that impressed all of us.

He has a strong understanding of the ecology surrounding NFTs and can articulate the connection between NFTs and gaming. According to Jimi Daodu, CEO of Vault Hill, "when we get ready for the full release of our metaverse in the fourth quarter of 2022, his significant gaming knowledge will prove to be invaluable in the creation of thrilling immersive experiences in our metaverse."

As a result of Tayo's ambition to alter the narrative and progress the animation industry, particularly in West Africa, he has also become a collector and thought leader within the NFT community. This is due to Tayo's dedication to the NFT community. His hosting of Clubhouse rooms and Twitter Spaces, through which he disseminates information on blockchain technology and serves as an inspiration to a large number of young African creatives interested in Web 3.0, is one of his numerous accomplishments.

Tayo claims that she has always been a dreamer, a creative, a collector, and a tech enthusiast throughout her entire life, which is why Web 3.0 already seems like home to her. I think that with the help of the bright minds at Vault Hill, we are actually constructing a different kind of metaverse.

The soon-to-be-launched metaverse, Vault Hill City, is intended to improve human experiences by putting an emphasis on fundamental human instincts. This will enable users, content creators, and developers to explore their creative potential and monetize their work within a safe environment. The Vault Hill Community (VHC), an NFT marketplace, avatars, and XR consulting are the components that make up the Vault Hill ecosystem. Users should prepare themselves for experiences that will blow their minds as they explore various elements of themselves, connect with other users, play games, host and attend events, construct and acquire digital goods, and do a great deal more.

The whitepaper contains additional information about the human-centric metaverse and its development timeline. This material may be found here. Additionally, follow on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, and LinkedIn to receive real-time information.