Microsoft and Flapmax Highlight Tech Solutions Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals with FAST Accelerator Founder Series

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Published: 2022-06-10

At an Event Intended to Stimulate Technological Innovation in Africa, 12 Startup Founders Were Featured as Speakers.

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This week, Flapmax, in cooperation with Microsoft, announced the introduction of the FAST Accelerator Founder Series. This series will showcase the work of its FAST Accelerator program graduates, which include the founders of 12 different startups representing nations all around Africa. Participants were selected from a pool of 800 candidates to take part in the 12-week accelerator program that was developed to assist African entrepreneurs in scaling their operations in a more sustainable manner.

At the event, which highlighted the benefits of participating in the FAST Accelerator Program, startup founders strengthened their plans for growth, marketing, and business development. Flapmax, in partnership with Microsoft, will continue to provide these company founders with support in the form of cloud enablement, artificial intelligence integration, and a variety of other services.

From among more than 800 applicants, the startups that will take part in the FAST Accelerator program were selected. These submissions represented a wide variety of industries, including education, fintech, agtech, sustainability, and health. The innovations that were produced by the businesses address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations, which concern issues such as equality, education, and the reduction of poverty, amongst others.

In order to amplify African startups, share how their founders are leveraging technology to scale sustainable operations, highlight the solutions being offered by diverse entrepreneurs across Africa, expand startup brand recognition, and build a global community of brand ambassadors, the FAST Accelerator Founder Series has been developed. The following activities were part of the inaugural FAST Accelerator Founder Series event, which was hosted to celebrate the completion of the 12-week accelerator program:

  • Mustapha Suberu, from Capsa Technology, said that the training program offered by FAST Accelerator was comparable to a condensed version of an MBA.
  • Vincent Okeke, from LegitCar, stated that taking part in the FAST Program contributed to a boost in the company's brand awareness as well as the exposure that their product received, in addition to the expansion of their business development endeavors.
  • Working on Microsoft product integrations was influential, according to the founder of Lynkwise, Ryan Panderis, but the networking opportunities provided by Flapmax was a huge success to their business progress throughout Africa.
  • Jesse Mutimba, from KaCyber, stated that they greatly appreciated the Azure Credits and talented interns that were provided as part of FAST, stating that the program delivered a quicker digital transformation and much faster traction for their business at a scale that was significantly larger than they initially thought they would be able to achieve.
  • Edwin Lubanga from Snark Health, Karim Amer from VAIS, Dominique Kavuisya from Taimba, Lekan Omotosho from Pade, Dayo Adeniran from DayDone, Ronald Mutuku from Silqu, Paulus Indongo from K-12Plus, and Dr. Trish from Tumaini La Maisha were the other founders who were present at the event and represented their respective companies.

    Dave Ojika, the Chief Executive Officer of Flapmax, was quoted as saying, "We were happy to share the work of each graduate of our first program, and we hope their success inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs." "The Founders Series will continue to shed a light on the efforts of entrepreneurs all throughout Africa, and it will do so in addition to the next cohort of participants in the Accelerator. Already, preparations are on for the demo day that will take place in the fall.

    EduAbasi Chukwunweike, Partner Development Manager at Microsoft-Cloud, attended the event on behalf of Microsoft and shared the following statement: "Microsoft offers solutions focused on enhancing the growth of startups in Africa. These informed the recent intervention programs in the form of acceleration, incubation, and access to Microsoft enterprise solutions to Startups across Africa."

    FAST is interested in assisting all 800 startup founders who submitted applications for the first accelerator program in growing their businesses in a sustainable manner. Additionally, FAST wants to assist new business-to-business startups and subject matter experts in Africa, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

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