Nigeria’s CcHub launches innovation hub focused on circular plastic economy

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Published: 2022-06-15
Launching an <strong>innovation</strong> hub with a concentration on the <strong>circular</strong> <strong>plastic</strong> economy is the CcHub in Nigeria.

The Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub (CPIEHub) was recently established by Nigeria's Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) as part of an initiative to encourage a culture of innovation among academic institutions within the circular plastic economy sector.

Launched in collaboration with the Pan African University Life and Earth Sciences Institute (PAULESI) and the De Montfort University Leicester (DMU), CPIEHub seeks to partner with major industry stakeholders and experts with the intention of driving a thriving ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in the circular plastic economy among students, entrepreneurs, and researchers in Nigeria. This is done in order to achieve the aforementioned goal.

CPIEHub will establish itself on a number of campuses in Nigeria thanks to funding from the British Council. This endeavor will be carried out as part of the Innovation for African Universities (IAU) project. It intends to play the role of a center for research, collaboration, and incubation with the goal of accelerating transitions to a circular plastic economy and innovation by students working in the area of the circular plastic economy.