Nigeria’s Kannywood Streaming Platform “Northflix” Clocks Three Years , Spread To Over 85 Countries

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Published: 2022-06-17

The streaming platform known as Northflix has successfully completed three years of operation in the digital space.

It is an application that projects and disseminates exclusive Hausa films to viewers all over the world in real time on their devices over the use of the internet. Northflix is a video streaming program.

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In a statement that was distributed to the media on June 11th, 2022, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Northflix Jamilu Abdussalam made the announcement.

According to Jamilu Abdussalam, "the Northflix application has been showcasing attractive and entertaining contents that are exclusive to the platform at the sum of 1500 Naira as monthly subscription fee which the company later introduced four more subscription packages from weekly, monthly, to annual plans to accommodate different class of customers, and also was discounted the monthly plan to 999 Naira only." The company also introduced four more subscription packages from weekly, monthly, to annual plans to accommodate different class of customers.

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The Northflix application is available for download on all Android and iOS devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and smart televisions, in order to provide viewers with a wide range of viewing options.

He made the observation that "one of the great successes recorded by Northflix is the widespread acceptance of the platform across 85 countries of the world including Africa, Europe, Asia, and America with over one hundred thousand subscribers using the application."

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He asserts that the reasons for Northflix's outstanding performance include the company's strong relationship with the practitioners in the industry, its nose for quality contents, and its team efforts to both raise the standard of the industry and meet the expectations of millions of people with strong internet connections in what Hausa entertainment contents and it the Northern Culture have to offer.

Another accomplishment that can be attributed to Northflix is the implementation of cutting-edge, robust technology that enables seamless streaming across the platform and comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind user interface that makes it simple to navigate.

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The previous year, Northflix received a seed investment from a venture capital company. And in spite of the investment the company attracts, Jamilu said that successes can not be recorded without challenges, and one of the most significant challenges that Northflix had to face was how one of its international competitors, Netflix, challenged them on intellectual property right through the copyright commission on their brand identity. "We were able to establish a common ground for both parties," Jamilu said about how Northflix was able to resolve the dispute with Netflix.

As a direct consequence of this fact, Northflix is currently luring other indigenous streaming platforms such as Arewa on Demand, Kallo, and Kannywood box to compete in this ecosystem. Naturally, healthy competition results in increased levels of productivity and efficiency in the outputs of companies; for this reason, Northflix is conforming its operations to the best practices used internationally.

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Northflix just recently finalized a partnership deal with 9mobile, which is one of the most successful telecommunications companies in Nigeria, with the intention of providing reasonably priced internet data to Northflix's customers in Nigeria. And to encourage users to store as much content as possible on the app to watch when they are not connected to the internet.

Jamilu Abdussalam called on the government to invest a significant amount of time and resources in the entertainment industry as a means of reducing the ongoing problem that exists in the country. He suggested that this could be accomplished by raising awareness about the issue and keeping young people busy with a wide variety of employment opportunities.