Roqqu Infinity Loans

Get Access to Cryptocurrency Without Having to Sell Yours


If you trade cryptocurrencies, then you are aware of how powerful it can be to have a large portfolio that has been held uninterrupted for a period of time. However, those who possess this power are faced with a difficult choice. This is a common criticism that people level at us, and it goes something like this: "Holders of cryptocurrency are missing out on profits because they end up not utilizing the many advantages of cryptocurrency or making the best of volatility." Or, a notion that is even more incongruous: the notion that one cannot make money in this city without first spending it. To put it another way, one school of thought contends that holding cryptocurrency investments for the long term necessitates "being sheep" and being content with incremental gains over time. But if you were able to borrow cryptocurrency for an extended period of time, you wouldn't have to worry about this issue.

Infinity Loans Are Now Available Through Roqqu

Borrowing cryptocurrency is a better way to acquire a large number of funds without having to sell any of your valuable holdings, so if you need access to a lot of money quickly, look into borrowing cryptocurrency. We have simplified the process of obtaining an instant loan for liquid funds in order to bring it in line with the supercharged vision of Roqqu 2.0. The availability of these funds is contingent upon the current value of the cryptocurrency assets you possess.

How exactly do Infinity Loans function?

You take out a cryptocurrency loan, which is then collateralized with more volatile assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum – and in return, you receive an agreed upon loan amount denominated in a stable currency (e.g., USDT). To be eligible, you need to have a Roqqu account that has been verified and contains a significant amount of cryptocurrency. You will receive 30 percent instant liquidity as a result of this eligibility, and there will be no fees or intermediaries involved. The loan carries an interest rate of 0.1 percent per day, which will be charged to the borrower. Your portfolio is always available to you; therefore, all you need to do is inquire about it. After you have finished paying off the loan, you will get your collateral back in its entirety, regardless of how much its value has increased during that time.

We are deeply concerned about each and every one of our users, and our concern is not limited to their financial well-being. Because of this, it will be a problem if unexpected events related to cryptocurrency volatility cause the value of your collateral to decrease. If this occurs, we will liquidate the collateral and use the proceeds to help cover the cost of your loan.

Why should you go with Infinity Loans?

By using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral for loans, individuals are able to more fully realize the value of their digital assets. This is made possible through the practice of borrowing against cryptocurrencies. On other exchanges, there is a cap placed on the amount of money that anyone can borrow; however, Roqqu's infinity loans give users the ability to borrow any amount they desire, with no restrictions at all. You are able to borrow any amount you desire so long as you have sufficient collateral to back the loan.

How to Obtain a Loan in Just Four Easy Steps

First thing to do is sign in to your control panel.

Step 2: tap on loans

Step 3: Indicate the quantity that you would like to take.

Step 4: Finish the procedure by entering your pin or authorization code from the Google authenticator.


Roqqu is a valuable addition to the ever-expanding list of companies that are working to streamline cryptocurrency transactions because it satisfies a significant demand in the cryptocurrency community. The roqqu platform is safe, uncomplicated, and easy to work with in all aspects. Our infinity loan feature is a potent addition to the digital market for borrowing funds. These funds will enable holders to profit from the unabated growth of their assets in the foreseeable future.

Your cryptocurrency assets are increasing in value in tandem with the price as it continues to move higher. Sign in and click the Loans button right now to make sure you don't miss out on any of the gains you could have made with cryptocurrency.