Safaricom partners Kodris Africa to promote coding lessons in Kenya

Safaricom, a telecommunications provider in Kenya, has formed a partnership with Kodris Africa, an online publishing company, in order to advance the cause of coding education by purchasing yearly lessons through the M-PESA app.

This enables customers of Kodris Africa to purchase tokens for a year's worth of coding lessons via the M-PESA platform. Once the tokens have been purchased, customers can activate them on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer so that their children can learn to code.

Through the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, the Kenyan government gave its approval to a new curriculum for teaching coding in elementary and secondary schools in the month of April 2022. ( KICD).

And the program was officially introduced to the public in June of 2022.

Kodris Africa, which was the provider of Kenya's first-ever government-approved coding program, will run the classes, according to Charles Ong'ondo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Institute of Computer Developers (KICD).


Kodris Africa is an online publishing company that teaches students, beginning in elementary school and continuing through high school, skills relevant to the 21st century. These skills include creative problem solving and algorithmic thinking.

Students who have access to their homes computers and the internet can take part in the program because it is offered in an online format and licenses can be purchased by individuals.

Students receive the course material through participation in an online studio that is interactive.

According to Mugumo Munene, who is the CEO of Kodris Africa, the new partnership will increase the number of people who have access to coding lessons in the country.

Because of this partnership, Safaricom will be able to offer its more than 30 million M-PESA customers access to learning solutions through the Kodris Mini App. These solutions will be available to customers via the M-PESA Super App.

According to Peter Ndegwa, the CEO of Safaricom, the partnership will make it possible for Kodris to innovate new services for their customers by utilizing Safaricom's payment and information technology solutions.