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Published: 2022-06-16

Altinvest is Nigeria's first ethical investment platform, and Sterling Alternative Finance has just made the announcement that it has launched it. The bank recently organized a media conference in order to introduce its investing platform, and during that event, the announcement was made public.

Sterling Alternative Finance, the non-interest arm of Sterling bank plc, disclosed that AltInvest is aimed at changing the investment world, with a key focus on real sectors in the economy. This will be accomplished by assisting its partners in making an impact in the economy even as they build wealth without compromising their ethics. Sterling Alternative Finance is a subsidiary of Sterling bank plc.

sterling 1024x682 0 286L-R: Lukman Adekola; Group Head, Corporate and Investments Banking Solutions, Sterling Alternative Finance,  Abubakar Suleiman – Managing Director, Sterling Bank Plc, Mohammed Yunusa; Director, Digital products and innovations, Sterling Alternative Finance and Olatunji Olabisi; Chief Information Officer, Sterling Alternative Finance.

The numerous investment opportunities that are listed on the application are centered on various and real industries, such as agriculture and real estate, amongst others. These options are all centered on the creation of wealth, the appreciation of capital for investors, and the support of economic activities that are directed toward inclusion, growth, and development. The investment app also boasts of the digitalization and automation of investment advising services, real-time portfolio monitoring, and easy investment placement in a number of asset classes. These features are all available through the app.

 2 286Mohammed Yunusa_ Director, Digital products and innovations Sterling Alternative Finance; Abubakar Suleiman- Managing Director, Sterling Bank Plc and Lukman Adekola_ Group Head, Corporate and Investments Banking 

Mohammed Yunusa, Director of Digital Products and Innovations at Sterling Alternative Finance, commented on the one-of-a-kind nature of the application by reiterating that users of the digital investment platform invest in the financial market through the real sector and are guaranteed to see their personal wealth increase. He said that the way investments are handled on AltInvest is different. We ensure that the vision of your investment is brought to life by providing the history of what our users, who we consider to be partners, are investing in, as well as by providing a certificate of ownership on that particular investment opportunity, which secures investment.

Olatunji Olabisi, Chief Information Officer at Sterling Alternative Finance, provided additional commentary on the Altinvest App. In his remarks, Olatunji Olabisi described the app as being equipped with the most advanced technology, as well as having the assurance that it is both efficient and highly secure. He stated in his remarks that "The software has gone through extensive testing to ensure that users' investments are well-secured." Investing is made much simpler and more convenient for the user by virtue of the app's user-friendly interface, which the app takes great satisfaction in boasting about. The application also has a wealth of instructional resources, each of which provides specifics on one of your investment options. Because of this, potential users do not need to know everything there is to know about investing in order to sign up for Altinvest.

In addition, Lukman Adekola, Group Head, Corporate and Investments Banking Solutions, Sterling Alternative Finance, noted that due diligence has been carried out in order to hedge against volatility. Adekola was speaking about how the bank protects retail investors from dangers. He made the statement that "We have completed our due diligence by identifying the risk associated with investments and we have put in place mechanisms to reduce these risks." Therefore, you can be sure that we are only providing listings for investments that are risk-free to our business associates. As a company, we have a clear conviction that trust and openness are very necessary.

Abubakar Sulieman, the Managing Director of Sterling Bank Plc, made the following statement in his remarks: "We are quite delighted about our latest product offering, Altinvest. I am optimistic that our new offering, Altinvest, will aid in our drive to expand financial inclusion by ensuring that more people have access to finance and investment solutions. For us as a brand, we are committed to constantly creating value for our partners and stakeholders. I am also optimistic that our new offering will help us expand financial inclusion. In addition to this, he stated that "We become the representatives of our partners at the table where money is being created."

Concerning Altinvest:

AltInvest is the first ethical investment platform with a focus on investments in the real sector, with the intention of assisting with the financing of economic activities that are aimed toward inclusion, growth, and development. This product is designed to address the issue that certain investors, due to their beliefs and values, are uncomfortable with the idea of investing in traditional financial instruments. Downloads of AltInvest can be obtained through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store respectively.

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The Sterling Method of Alternative Finance:

Customers are able to bank and conduct business with Sterling Bank Plc through the interest-free Sterling Alternative Finance division, which is part of the non-interest division. The diversified and forward-thinking product offerings and solutions that Sterling Alternative Finance provides include, amongst others, Alt Mall, Alt Drive, and Alt Power. Sterling Alternative Finance also provides a variety of other solutions.