Stutern aims to train and place 2000 youths in the tech industry from Lagos, Edo, and Abuja by 2023

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Published: 2022-06-10
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Women make up only around one in every five people working in technology. Stutern has established the African Tech Sis Scholarship in the hopes of inspiring more women to seek employment in the technological sector and thereby further reducing this gender gap. When they enroll in any of Stutern's courses with 0 Naira and choose the deferred payment option, the scholarship will provide a discount of fifty percent to two thousand different women and provide them the option to pay for their education when they find employment.

Stutern is an education technology company that assists young people in obtaining employment in the technology sector by providing them with training. Up to this point, Stutern has collaborated with close to a thousand former students who are currently contributing to the success of top technology teams in Africa and beyond. Many of the graduates have the ability to work from home, and the vast majority of them are making earnings comparable to those in their fields. Olayinka Fadare, who is a User Experience Designer at Randstad in Amsterdam; Eleanor Ezimah, who is a Product Designer at Truebill in Maryland, USA; and Eniola Aminu, who is currently working as a Product Designer at Flutterwave, are three examples of our alumni who have taken on different job roles in various locations around the world. Through Stutern, Ayowole Adenuga was able to transition from his previous career as a Zoologist to that of a Software Engineer at Interswitch, which is one of the largest payment infrastructures in Nigeria. In the context of the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) program, Stutern has collaborated with the government of the Netherlands to recruit two thousand women into the technology sector by the year 2023. This program is intended to equip women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are graduates, NYSC corps members, or looking to transition into tech with skills in UI/UX Design, Frontend development, Backend development, Data Science, Mobile Development – React Native, Software Testing, Developer Operations, and soon Blockchain. Participants in the program must be graduates, NYSC corps members, or looking to transition into tech.

People who have little to no prior experience of technology but are interested in starting a career in the field are able to do so at no initial expense thanks to Stutern's program. This learning methodology is flexible enough to accommodate recent college graduates, persons who are now unemployed, as well as those who are working in other industries but are interested in making a career change into the technology sector. Because it is delivered entirely via the internet, participants are free to study whenever and wherever they choose. Provisions, on the other hand, have been made for people who would rather learn from a physical site in one of these states (Lagos, Edo, or Abuja). These people would have access to a power supply, internet access, computers, and also in-person help for their work and projects.

With the launch of this brand-new project, Stutern's primary goal is to make certain that women are not neglected. We also believe that in order to make a difference in the situation in which we have identified a gap in the system, we must take the initiative to direct the efforts ourselves. To further our goal of increasing the number of women working in technology, we are also interested in forming collaborations with organizations and communities that are focused on women. You can submit an application right now by clicking on this link, and the next cohort will start on June 27th, 2022. For additional details, please visit our website at or send an email to