Published: 2022-06-13
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Tantalum Academy, a global company with a strong focus on gamified learning program as a ground-breaking method to competency development, has officially announced its presence in Nigeria. Tantalum Academy is a global corporation.

Tantalum believes that the use of gaming elements in focused training can be incredibly beneficial because they bring in large amounts of engagement and impact. The program brings together people from a variety of backgrounds to work toward a common goal in a light-hearted atmosphere that features tough game scenarios that highlight participants' respective talents.

Tantalum provides a purpose-based game that is aimed to enhance knowledge, confidence, critical thinking, self-management, and relationship building. This game is aligned with individual and organizational interests.

According to Mr. Mithun Kamath, the founder of the Academy, Tantalum is planning to implement the gamified learning strategy in the near future in order to make education more enjoyable for individuals. He argued that the acquisition of new knowledge ought to result in changes in conduct, which is why it is necessary to instruct in soft skills.

According to Kamath, by the year 2030, two out of every three jobs will require significant amounts of soft skills. As a result of Kamath's prediction and the findings of this study, it is imperative that individuals improve their soft skills-related competences and capabilities. According to him, "Soft skills are the future." [Citation needed]

He went on to assert that every person who aspires to maintain career growth should possess essentials such as analytical skills, critical thinking, leadership and social influence, creativity and originality, emotional intelligence, and innovation. These are the qualities that are necessary for a person to have in order to be successful.

Tantalum goes above and beyond standard training, which tends to make people bored; as a result, the company employs a gamified method to make learning more enjoyable.

Kamath emphasized the point that gamified learning is very forward-thinking in its methodology because of the fact that people want to learn. It goes above and beyond the normal physical and online training to facilitate efficient learning. The concept of gamified learning and growth is so comprehensive that it firmly establishes itself as the educational model of the future.

The following set of skills was highlighted by Kamath as essential for every individual to possess in order to be successful in life: ambition, communication, discipline, analytical thinking, and creative problem solving.

Mr. Afolabi Oseni, a Director at Tantalum, emphasized the importance of acquiring soft skills as the company is lifting the standard in terms of providing individuals with learning that is innovative and growth driven.

During the official launch, the audience participated in certain games including a map of Nigeria in order to emphasize how important it is to develop their soft skills. The audience was undoubtedly made aware of the one-of-a-kind selling proposition that Tantalum Academy offers, which is to make studying enjoyable for anybody and everyone.

Tantalum Academy was praised highly by award-winning Nollywood actress Joke Silva and rapper Banky W, both of whom are graduates of the school. Both of these well-known figures advocated for the Tantalum training as a powerful instrument to enhance learning and gain the soft skills necessary to be successful in business and professional endeavors.

In attendance at the launch event were prominent figures such as Mr. Abiola Poopola, Former President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Dr. Muiz Banire, SAN, the Managing Director of Parallex Bank Mr. Olufemi Bakre, Senior Officials of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund(LSETF), and a number of other dignitaries.