To Pay, Tap NowNow! New Tap and Pay feature to revolutionize contactless payments in Nigeria.

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Published: 2022-06-13

Have you ever tried to make a purchase using your bank account or credit card, only to find that the point-of-sale terminal or banking network is not functioning properly, or have you ever been ready to make a payment when you remembered that you left your wallet at home?

NowNow Digital System Limited, Africa's fastest growing fintech and e-payments solution platform, has added an innovative Tap and Pay feature to the list of its platform functions. This feature allows users to pay using their mobile device by tapping it against a reader.

Your smartphone is transformed into a payment terminal when you use the NowNow Tap and Pay solution, which is essentially a tap-on phone solution. Your phone or POS device can take contactless payments from another phone or card in a matter of seconds with the help of NowNow's Tap and Pay technology. 'Tap and Pay,' also known as 'Tap and Go' or 'Tap on Phone,' may transform your RFID- or NFC-enabled Android smartphone or tablet into an easy-to-use and secure device that can transmit, receive, and accept transactions anywhere, at any time.

Customers will simply need a smartphone and the NowNow application in order to complete a transaction using the new functionality, which will make it possible to conduct contactless payments without the use of any additional gear or devices.

The process is going to look like this.

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To become a customer, all that is required of you is to have a NowNow account, which can be created for free, as well as a device that is NFC-compatible.

To determine whether or not your smartphone is equipped with NFC, navigate to the "Settings" menu on your device. In the box that asks for a search term, enter "NFC" or "Near Field Communication."

If you are able to view the app on your smartphone, this indicates that it is compatible with NFC technology. To make a payment with Tap & Pay, both parties' NFC-enabled mobile devices or cards need to be within 1 to 2 inches of one another's phones while simultaneously following the on-screen prompts. The New Tap & Pay and SoftPOS capabilities come with benefits that will revolutionize contactless electronic payments in Nigeria while also campaigning for financial inclusion. This may be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Consumers, merchants, and vendors are able to send and receive payments from any hypermarket, retail supermarket, or retail payment using their smartphone or physical cards thanks to a payment method known as tap and pay. This payment method is straightforward, easy to use, transparent, and secure.

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Tap & Pay is a safe and convenient method of conducting monetary business that may be carried out with Android smartphones, ATM cards, and point-of-sale (POS) systems. NowNow Tap & Pay is unique in comparison to other conventional means of making payments since it facilitates safe and speedy transactions through the use of a wireless technology known as near field communication (NFC), which operates at short distances (NFC).

When you make the switch to NowNow, you can say goodbye to cumbersome wallets and hello to transactions that are more trustworthy, safer, and completed more quickly.

The NFC-enabled Tap & Pay and SoftPOS systems offered by NowNow allow for interactions between customers and agents, in addition to facilitating transactions between customers and businesses. Because of these possibilities, NowNow merchants and customers now have access to payment options that are both safe and easy to use.