Winners of the OnePipe Writing Challenge emerge

Because of their exceptional writing, each of the three finalists will win one million naira.

OnePipe, a leading facilitator of Banking as a Service (BaaS), made the announcement today of the winners of its first-ever Writing Challenge. This brings to a close a process that began in March 2022 and lasted for three months. Daniel Adeyemi (TechCabal), Omobayo Azeez (Business Metrics Nigeria), and Sultan Quadri (TechCabal) will each receive one million naira as recognition for their remarkable articles highlighting the growth and impact of Embedded Finance in Nigeria. These individuals were the top three finalists in the inaugural competition.

An announcement regarding the OnePipe Writing Challenge was made earlier this year, along with requests for submissions to showcase finance-focused journalism, with the primary goal of increasing awareness regarding the subject of embedded finance. Articles with a word count between 400 and 500, as well as audio and video clips from radio and television, were accepted as entries and compiled for evaluation.

"We launched the OnePipe Writing Challenge in acknowledgment of the significant role that the media plays in informing the general public about vital business solutions that are helping firms to prosper. "The competition is one of a series of initiatives aimed at expanding awareness about embedded finance through educational reporting by Nigerian journalists," says Ope Adeoye, the Founder and CEO of OnePipe. "The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to win a cash prize."

He proceeded by saying, "There is an increasing need to educate the public on new trends and technology as more non-financial enterprises implement payment solutions that fulfill the needs of their clients."

The entries to the writing competition were reviewed by a panel that included Professor Olayinka David-West, Associate Dean of Lagos Business School, as well as news editors Caleb Ojewale and Muyiwa Matuluko. All three of these individuals have extensive knowledge in the areas of editorial writing, financial inclusion policy, and digital money. The structure of the content, the language that was utilized, and the way that thoughts were presented were just few of the factors that were used for the evaluation. An ultimate assessment was carried out by the executive team of OnePipe as the last step in the process.

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L-R: Yvonne-Faith Elaigwu, Operations Manager, OnePipe; Muyiwa Matuluko, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Techpoint Africa and OnePipe Writing Challenge Judge; Omobayo Azeez, Managing Editor, Business Metrics and Winner, OnePipe Writing Challenge and Ope Adeoye, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OnePipe at the official unveiling of the winners of the OnePipe Writing Challenge that held in Lagos, recently.

" I would like to applaud OnePipe for recognizing the importance of educational reporting in Nigeria and honoring the winners of the OnePipe Writing Challenge," stated Muyiwa Matuluko, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Techpoint Africa. " It was such a pleasure going through all of the submissions that gave a variety of different perspectives on stories that centered on embedded finance.

There were a lot of common threads that ran through the winning submissions, such as the importance of embedded finance for Nigerian and African businesses, the part that technology plays in advancing financial inclusion, and the prospects for financial institutions.

Omobayo Azeez, who came out on top in the competition, remarked in response to the news that she had won, "I am overjoyed to have been selected as the winner of this event." The motivation of high-quality journalism that educates the general audience on important topics is significantly helped by initiatives such as the one being discussed here. I'd like to extend my congratulations to the other winners and my gratitude to the OnePipe team and the judges for conceiving up and implementing such a fantastic initiative.